Nam Du Island

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, in Kien Giang province, Nam Du archipelago with romantic beaches and pristine beauty is the top choice of many travelers this summer.

Chet Beach in the dawn. This is the major seaport of Cu Tron - the largest island of Nam Du archipelago.

Only 1 km from the Chet Beach is the Ngu Beach.

When the sun rises, the waters around Cu Tron turnblue. On the road to the Nam Du lighthouse, you can stop to see the sea.

About 4 km from Ngu Beach is Men Beach, the most beautiful beach on the island of Cu Tron.
Men Beach is a small bay of 600m2 inside the Gulf of Thailand.

Leaving Cu Tron island, visitors can tour other islands, starting from Mau Island, one of the most beautiful islands of Nam Du Archipelago. 

People on Mau Island depend on goods transported from Cu Tron Island. Kids on Mau Island have to row to Cu Tron Island to attend school.

The ideal time to visit Nam Du is from December to March.

Before leaving the islands, you should dive to see corals at Hai Bo Dam Island. 

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