Shrimp Cake (Bánh Khoái Tép)

Shrimp Cakes simple dish is but also in the most delicious in Thanh Hoa, a very suitable cuisine to eat in the cold rainy day.

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With the people of Thanh Hoa, only mention the name Shrimp Cake and they all can imagine a smoky dish that they can eat forever without boredom. The ingredients are rice, grind into water, the best quality shrimp, some sliced cabbage and fresh parsley. You can purchase the field shrimp in the early morning market. After that, you must clean the shrimps and allow them to dry before you can throw in some cilantro and some spices such as pepper or salt. You will also need a big pan to fry the shrimps.

The people in Thanh Hoa always choose the best fish sauce of their local beaches to make the dipping sauce. It is not too sweet, yet not too bold. The sauce is quite simple. You only need some cranberries, some pepper, and a few chili to make the sauce. Comparing to the noodle sauce, the sauce for the cake is always lighter.

The big pan should be very hot to melt the grease. Then the chef will quickly throw in some cabbage, some parsley, some flour, and finally, some shrimps. Cover the cake for about 30 seconds to one minute and then the cake is ready.

The cake has the sweetness of the parsley, the cabbage and the fat of the crunchy shrimp. The cake is best used when it is hot and you can eat the cake virtually forever.

If you have the chance to visit this beautiful land, you can visit the local shops of Shrimp cake, which open late in the afternoon on Dao Duy Tu, Han Thuyen Streets, or Vuon Hoa (Flower Garden) Market. The price is varied from 5 to 8,000 VND

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