Dam Set Perch (Cá Rô Đồng Nướng)

The fat and yellow perch, after processing, has the natural sweetness, that was used as a tribute to the kings in the old days of Vietnam. However, today, the dish is a common cuisine for the locals and also the people around Vietnam. The dish is simple yet has the ability to mesmerize any diner.

Dam Set Perch (Cá Rô Đồng Nướng)
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Dam Set, a village in the Xuan Thien Commune, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province lies next to the downstream of the Chu River. The land has many canals, paddy fields and lakes with rich sediment. The natural environment is favorable for the growth of the perch. For that reason, the flavor of Dam Set’s perch is like no other.

Times for the catch of the fat and sweet perches are in the summer and the rainy season. Normally, in every late summer, early autumn, the perches will gather to lay eggs. They lay eggs through a very thin skin underneath their bellies. The perch has the size of 3 fingers, with a light yellow on their skin. They are round, and their skin is blue. There are many ways to cook the fish. You can either braised, fried, grilled, or make soup.

It is not very difficult to prepare the fish. However, there are some techniques to avoid the smell of the fish and to avoid being stabbed by the sharp fins. The easiest way to do it is to grill.

Only need to throw an ember into the hay, or just a few branches, you can start to grill the fish until the skin is burned and turned into coal. After that, remove the skin to unveil the white meat inside. Combining the grilled fish with some oil and some cilantro, you will have a bucolic dish, yet captivating.

The fried perch dish is equally delicious. In order to make the dish, you must first clean the fishes, then let them dry while preparing the oil. You will have to use a lot of oil so that the fishes can be submerged into the oil. By using this technique, the fish will be cooked faster, and the fish can be crunchy when you bite it. When the fish turns into a dark yellow, with the body is slightly curved, with an incredible smell, the dish is ready. The dish will need some dipping sauces.

The Dam Set’s perch soup is another special dish that you should not miss also. An interesting combination of vegetables and the fat of the perch will create a delicious dish that no one can say no to it.

The big fat perch will be boiled or steamed, then cooled and the meat inside will be removed. The head and the bone will be grind into small pieces to make the soup water. When the water is boiled, the chef will then boil the vegetables, and after that the fish with some slices of ginger. When the soup is almost ready, some cilantro will be added to increase the already strong flavor
Coming to Tho Xuan, the land of spiritual masterpiece, tourists not only can enjoy the delicious cuisines such as the perch, spike cake, or coconut buns, but also visiting the Lam Kinh Relics with many mystical stories last for centuries.

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