Fermented pork rolls (Nem Chua)

When mentioning about the specialties of Thanh hoa, Femented pork rolls (Nem Chua) must be included. Thanh Hoa’s fermented pork roll has its own quality and attractiveness which can’t be found anywhere else in Vietnam. 

To get the final products takes a lot of careful manipulation which must be closely followed from the moment of selecting fine pork skin and additives to the moment of processing the mixture. The final products look best when the inside part is brightly pink with some Lucerne leaves, garlic, red hot pepper after unwrapping the banana leaves. This kind of food is often served with drinks like wine, beer.

Thanh Hoa fermented pork roll has become a local specialty of Thanh Hoa people to offer their guests and visitors when they come to the province.

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