Discovering Bau Trang in Binh Thuan

Bau Trang is also called as Bach Ho, Bau Cat, Bau Sen, which is away from Phan Thiet city about 60km and named as the mini wild desert. The suitable time to visit Bau Tran

Tourists should go to Bau Trang in Summer, when the lotuses are beautiful blooming. The ideal time during the day are 5 – 9 pm, 4 – 6 pm 

Discovering Bau Trang in Binh Thuan
Photo by Nguyenhuyphong

The way to reach Bau Trang 

There are two main ways to travel to Bau Trang:

- From Phan Thiet: Following the Mui Ne  side -> Rom Island. From Mui Ne to Bau TRang lasts 20km, tourists can travel by bus following the Rom Island street and go to Luong Son Street. From the city to Bau Trang, there are the bus ticket costs 10,000 VND, then they should catch the motorcycle to reach Bau Trang. 

- The second way: From 1A national road -> turn left to Phan Thiet urban -> Luong Son Down 3 about 20km is Bau Ong -> Bau Ba (which has Bau TRang Resort)

The transportation: 

- From Ha Noi, tourists can travel by coach or train. To save time they can travel by plane to Ho Chi Minh city, then catch the taxies to the lake 

- From Ho Chi Minh City – Phan Thiet, catch the bus at the Mien Dong Bus station, from Phan Thiet to Ho Chi Minh City at the Phan Thiet Bus station, about 188km.

Accomodations when traveling to Bau Trang

Although it’s easy to book hotels in Bau TRang, tourists should early book if they travel on weekend or holiday instead of being out of room. Tourists can book on the Agoda. 

The cheap prices and basic services in Bau Trang 

- Song Bien Xanh Resort – Rom Island Area, Rom Island, Phan Thiet – From 9,63 USD
- Song Hien Hotel – Nuoc Stream, Rom Island, Phan Thiet  - from 11,56 USD
- Hon Rom 1 Resort – 706B Street – Long Son, Hon Rom, Phan Thiet – from 12,33 USD

The popular hotels with good services  in Bau Trang

- Hai Dang Resort – Nuoc Stream Street, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City- from 14,49 USD
- Suoi Nuoc Resort – Nguyen Co Thach, Suoi Nuoc Beach, Phan Thiet – from 18,49 USD
- Angle Sea – Goc Bien Guesthouse – 153 Che LAn Vien, Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet – from 9,26 USD

The senior hotels and resorts in Bau Trang 

- Van Nguyen Minihouse – 155 Che Lan Vien, Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet – from 67,41 USD
- Bien Dong – East Sea Resort – Suoi Nuoc, Mui Ne, Suoi Nuoc Beach, Phan Thiet – from 101,38 USD
- Hoang Lan Resort – Long Son, Suoi Nuoc, Mui Ne, Hon Rom, Phan Thiet – from 113, 63 USD

The instruction of discovering Bau Trang

The Bau Trang Resort includes Bau Ong and Bau Ba lake, which has sand in the middle. On the Lotus season, there are lotuses on all the surface of the lake, so that they can be called as Bau Sen, which has abundant biota such as: Perch, sneakhead fish, catfish, grass carp,

The lake is surrounded by the white sand, pink lotus and beautiful sand hill. Tourists can use the motor running on sand and boat to discover the large lake, which will create the most memorable time. 

After running the motor on the sand, tourists can travel by boat on the surface of the lake to admire the great trip, they can enjoy the great smell of lotus, peaceful atmosphere and the fishes under the lake.

Some notes when traveling to Bau Trang: 

- Now there are 2 stores that sell the drinks and motor, so that, tourists should bring their own food when coming here
- The lotus lake is quite deep, tourists shouldn’t swimming here, it’s very dangerous
- Beside Bau TRang, Tourists can visit Doi Hong, which is also the famous destination near Bau TRang

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