Sung Khanh Pagoda

Sung Khanh Pagoda is a small temple located on the summit of Nung village , Dao Duc Commune, Xuyen District, Ha Giang Province. from the center of Ha Giang town about 9 km to the west, Sung Khanh Pagoda is now a tourist destination rather interesting. with an area of ​​approximately 26m2 and position in the stand at the pagoda Sung beautifully by Khanh we can see a panoramic view of the tranquil countryside with yellow rice fields terraces with pieces like a painting layer drawingSung Khanh pagoda

Sung Khanh Pagoda was built in March -1367 by Nguyen Hue is a temple built and there are many traces of that era are directly enrolled here as red stele as his assistant 

Promoting Clams acts through this place has been invited to compose and intelligent writing on stone monuments for the month 8-1707 chua.Den, the Vice-Week rumor Minister Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang origin of the name is Nguyen Van Tran has contributed to mobilizing forget casting a large bell. Bell clever to post on this intact human values​​, reminding people of ethnic solidarity, care for production, maintaining the border …

Currently Sung Khanh pagoda restored on AM 1989 and built up from the foot of the mountain steps up to the temple, Wat Sung Khanh was Vietnam he received the state’s historic national level. Currently there are 6 Buddhist statues by the provision hien. On October 2008 Hanoi, Ha Giang Provincial Museum, Department of Culture and Information Vi Xuyen district in coordination with the CPC Ethics celebrated the procession and police Buddha statues at the historical culture Sung Khanh pagoda.

Every year on the 15th lunar month, usually in the temple Sung Khanh Long Tong festival of the Tay to open new planting season, give thanks to the heavens, the earth, the god of Agriculture, Easter Greek god, tutelary village … pray for a good weather last year and lives in peace and happiness ….

So what are you waiting for? Packing up and coming to Ha Giang in order to have an fascinating  experience and learn more interesting story here.

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