Grilled Moss

Who has ever heard to moss baking dish must have felt strange and interesting.To the ethnic Tay in Ha Giang stone plateau where the moss is a baked dish a unique and familiar.The stages make moss 

Moss rock was an aquatic species but does not have much effect dish made from moss rock through the hands of ethnic Tay is a delicious food,supplements and brings its own flavor. Experience of local people,when they find taking moss rock look at the big moss yard,standing in the stream waved his hand under running water,then we’ll get the small moss,moss will stick closed at the old stone.When the moss grows 3-4 days we should get the most delicious food will then,if for more than 7 days old and the moss will not eat any more white. 

Moss in a stream moss select more but it is very difficult,and also delicious according to season.Dishes made from abundant moss rock as fried moss,dried moss,…but still the most unique baking dish moss. Moss after shredding is mixed with spices such as communes,leaves the bow,..and marinate  with salt,seasoning according to taste each family.Moss was then package spice mix and grilled on charcoal leaves.

Grilled moss should not rotate as many times as grilled meat,cooked on one side we then followed the remaining baking.When you press your fingers into that soft moss that is ripe.Not only from moss dish made from frosh moss moss that people are exposing dried and put away as food reserves.Dry moss kitchen upstairs so should be quite familiar with ethnic Tay which is bringing new guests at the reception.

Grilled moss is very popular dish of ethnic place here.Please visit Ha Giang and your guests will be captivated by moss baking dish is simple yet delicious,tonic and cure many diseases like blood circulation,detoxify,enhance resistance,.

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