Thang Den Cake

Amid the idyllic,peaceful land of fog and windy uplands felt warm spread of thang den bowl is not diners do not conquered.

Thang Den cake
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Ha Giang mention everyone remember specialties id thang co,but also thang den is a simple dish that is very attractive here.Thang den look both familiar and strange because the taste is very different personal characteristic.Major materials of this dish is sticky rice flavor,very aromatic and supple.Rice cake to be washed and soaked in water over night and then bring to grind into water flour.Pour flour into a cloth bag hung high for the drain until smooth power bring to squeeze cake.Each cake is molded by finger round and then boiled,when cooked cake rise and picked up a bowl and ladled broth,sprinkle a little sesame,roasted peanut to cakes just aroma as appealing.The broth is spicy of ginger blend in the toughness of glutinous flour,just enjoying thang den and chatting between numbness season winds saw feel as warm,so the story is that long out.

Thang den in Ha  Giang as the rendezvous of tourists to this place, Ha Giang food lover will wnat to come back here again and visit the shop thang den cake warm flavor.

Not only yummy with a unique taste but also very cheap, Ha Giang cuisine is becoming more and more favorite in tourists' feeling when visiting to Ha Giang.

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