Au Tau Porridge

Ha Giang is known for its breathtaking nature beauties and unique ethnic tradition of which Dong Van karst plateau geopark and Ma Pi Leng pass are considered as highlights destinations where you can find a beautiful connection between nature and humans.

And Ha Giang food is distinct and unforgettable. Why?

Because of its geographical location, Ha Giang has its own highland characteristics that you won’t find anywhere else. Especially Au Tau porridge - the most unique delicacies in Ha Giang. Au tau porridge is a famous specialty that if you go to Ha Giang but have not yet tried it, which means you have never visited here.

Au Tau Porridge
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The Au Tau porridge, is a rice porridge with pork leg, stir-friend minced pork, and the Au Tau root. Bowl of “au tau” porridge looks very attractive by the harmony between rice, herbs, meat… 

How make to cook Au Tau porridge?

To make a big pan of Au Tau porridge, people have to work hard for almost a whole day. The most difficult part is making the ấu tẩu safe.

Locals in Ha Giang are experts in using expert ấu tẩu, they know how to eliminate the poison in the root and combine it with rice, making it a dish that is actually healthy, helping ease joint pain and aiding sleep.

The root is first cleaned and soaked in rice water (in which rice had been washed), for at least four hours or from early morning till noon. It is then taken out, cleaned again, and simmered in boiling hot water for another four hours. At this point, the root is safe and edible, and locals grind it for adding to the porridge, which itself is simmered with pork leg.

To make good porridge, locals use rice grown in hills. This rise is soaked in water from previous night till early morning so that the dish is soft and creamy.

Stir fried minced pork, pepper, scallion, perilla and chilli are added to the au tẩu porridge.  

While the ấu tẩu gives the porridge a bitter taste that might put off the first time diner, the creaminess of rice and the sweetness of pork bones reduce the bitterness and create a unique taste.

Come to Ha Giang, tourists can not only watch spectacular natural scenery, but also enjoy unique cuisine and drinks. So what are you waiting for? Let's pack up and set  off!!!

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