Dried Buffalo Meat - Dishes From Ethnic Minorities in Northern Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam is a paradise of terraced fields, and also is the living place of many ethnic groups; with their traditional experience, they have made lots of strange and delicious food for a long time. Buffalo meat hung in the kitchen or dried buffalo meat is a specialty flavors such traditions.
Dried Buffalo Meat - Dishes From Ethnic Minorities in Northern Vietnam
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Dried Buffalo Meat - Thai's ethnic specialties in mountainous areas in northern Vietnam
Dried buffalo is special food in the meals of Black Thai. This meat is usually made from muscle of buffaloes and cows freely on the northwest mountains. 

When making it, people cut meat into pieces with the grain then smoked by charcoal from the mountains. With the dried buffalo, the flavor of smoke is almost intact. The processing techniques are traditional secret but products are quite homogeneous. People use some spices such as pepper, ginger, especially “mac khen”- a type of forest pepper of Northwest upland ethnic minorities. 

You can contemplate the spices in each meat. Dried meat still retains the flavor characteristics, especially, the sweetness of the meat. 

When people often shred with the grain, it can eat immediately or use with corn wine. This dish is made completely natural, so it can reserve about 1 month.  

Today, cultural exchange scale between ethnic people becomes more and more develop, dried buffalo not only is the dish of the Thai but also follows the guests to nationwide. Therefore, the method to enjoy this dish is different and depends on each place. 

If the Thai often enjoys their special dish instead of eating foods, especially on the rain, floods or lack of food… but now, this dish can be served with hot pot or baking dish. However, the unique flavor of buffalo meat only intact when taken directly from the kitchen, still smell of smoke, spicy peppers, flavor of “khac men”

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