Thang Co in Dong Van

To see the cultural characteristics of the plateau where the visitors to the fair a visit Dong Van and savor thang co a hot,aromatic cup of corn liquor.

Thang Co in Dong Van
Photo by Giàng A Phớn
Dong Van market only sessions meeting once a week.Weekdays quiet setting would become crowded,bustling market day.People to the market to exchange trading,and meet people who do not forget to eat a hot bowl thang co,dink a few glasses of wine before warm corn markets ended.Thang co as the rendezvous for each week of upland people here,is that the market had to remember.

Date the fair thang co sales always crowded and busiest.Thang co as many popular dishes of ethnic northern mountains provinces but each region,each nation has ways of cooking and different spices to the pan  thang co his nation’s traditions.

The main ingredients of the dish are thang co the organs,bones of cattle,horses,goats,bring all of saute pans and then pour water over the fire to cook for hours,when they are ripe,then adjusted for smaller fire.Spices for food production are the thang co in the natural vegetation as cardamom,lemongrass tubers,…while eating it for extra chilli,pepper and corn drink with wine that would be great.In small markets,each of the top people gathered around wooden tables eating and drinking from thang co,wine corn,yeast cup of wine is drunk young woman’s cheeks flushed,the macho sentiment sent through the flute,the sound of praise.Thang co and wine corn paired for which happy couples like.

Between the cold highlands,drinking a few cups of wine corn and eat thang co a hot,fragrant and warm the hearts of the people here.

Come to Ha Giang, tourists can not only watch spectacular natural scenery, but also enjoy unique cuisine and drinks. So what are you waiting for? Let's pack up and set  off!!!

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