Contemplate the magnificient beauty of waterfalls in Dalat

Dalat, the city of everlasting spring in Vietnam, is endowed with many inspiring sights of waterfalls. These waterfalls encompass breathtaking beauty and splitting voice. All of them are within easy reach from the city center.

Contemplate the magnificient beauty of waterfalls in Dalat
Photo by Prenn
Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall resembles a long white curtain of water with cascade falls from 9 meters high of cliff down to valley. This waterfall is accessible as it’s located only about 12 kilometers from the city centre. You can walk into the heart of the waterfall by crossing the bridge behind it and enjoy droplets of waterfall falling to your hand or step into a cable car to observe the waterfall.

This place is the combination of mountains, greenery, and fountains. You can enjoy many interesting activities in this landscape such as folklore games, boat rowing, elephant and ostrich riding. Riding an ostrich is such a challenge and exciting experience. 

 Entrance ticket: $1

Datanla Waterfall

Located about 10 kilometers to the south of the city centre, Dantala waterfall encompasses an intact beauty of Dantala waterfall. It’s not forward-leaning waterfall. You have to climb 200 steps to reach the top of the waterfall. A slide system of roller coaster will take you downhill. This system running for 1,000 meters gives you a chance to admire the waterfall from different angles. It’s really a thrilling experience.

There are many adventure activities, typically role climbing.  

Entrance ticket: $0.5, you have to pay separately for any activities you want to join.

Pongour Waterfall

Situated about 50 kilometers to the south of the city centre, Pongour waterfall is regarded as the most marvelous waterfall of the Central Highlands. From 40 meters above, the massive water falls down through 7 floors to the giant pool and creating thunder-like sound. Setting your foot on the cool cascades falling from Pongour brings you soothing feeling. You will see yellow blossoming flowers in the path leading to the waterfall when coming to this site in October. 

This site is surrounded by pristine forests with diverse flora and fauna species.
Entrance ticket: $0.5

Elephant Waterfall

Elephant waterfall is an ideal place for those who love outdoor adventure. Water flows from 30 meters high down to the valley create a majestic picture. You have to pass 145 precipitous stone steps, tricky rocks, bridges, caves to get panoramic view of Elephant waterfall.
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