Dalat- the heaven of wild sunflowers

When the last rain pours down Vietnam‘s Central Highlands in late October, the sun shines brightly; wild sunflowers start to paint a glowing yellow color in every slope and road of Dalat, marking the beginning of dry season.

Dalat- the heaven of wild sunflowers
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Dã quỳ is a popular flower in the Central Highlands but if you want to fully appreciate the beauty of this wild flowers, just get your luggage ready and come to Dalat to capture its beauty. Thousands of visitors come to Dalat this time to enjoy the carpet of yellow wild sunflowers stretching to the horizon. A wild sunflower looks like a sunflower, but it’s smaller. They grow into clumps. There is no better feeling than riding along streets in the early morning to fully see the beauty of yellow flowers.

Where to admire it?

Cam Ly: wild sunflowers here grow into beautiful giant bushes that mesmerize many visitors. It grows without interruption of people.
D’ran – Don Duong – Chau Son – Phi Nom – Tu Tra: visitors will be mesmerized with the carpets of wild flowers stretching to the horizon. This beauty becomes even more stunning with the appearances of deep valley nestling inside pine forest, and clouds gliding above the hills. The glowing yellow color of flowers dyes the whole hill and the pass.
Cau Dat is an ideal choice for those who love the feeling of adventure while riding a motorbike on a winding mountain pass.

When to admire?

The most perfect time to enjoy wild sunflowers is from 9:00 – 10:00 am, or from 3:00 – 4:00 pm when flowers blossom marvelously, the sun shines brilliantly.

What to bear in mind?

Dalat’s weather this time is rather cold, therefore, remember to bring a scarf, gloves, and warm jacket.
Anti-mosquito medicine is necessary.
You should not drive in the late evening to avoid fog on streets.
There are many hotels and motels in Dalat, which is convenient for your choice. A villa is an interesting experience if you travel in a group.

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