Ha Giang- filled with October's buckwheat flowers

When the golden sunbeams entangle in every street corner of Ha Giang (often in October), it’s time to enjoy endless violet buckwheat fields in Ha Giang province.

 Ha Giang- filled with October's buckwheat flowers
Photo by Ves Pa

The history of buckwheat flowers dates back to the ancient times when Mong ethnic minority groups were desperately in search of food in a famine, buckwheat flowers appeared among the rocks as a miracle. Nuts of this flower tasted as rice and corn. Its seeds then became the staple food of Mong people. Local people take flour of the buckwheat fruit to make cake and wine. Buckwheat leaves are used as cattle feed.

Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang are special for?

Normally, buckwheat flowers are white at the beginning of blooming then switch to pink, purple and finally dark red. Buckwheat flowers are clusters of small pinkish flowers and edible triangular seeds. The picture of buckwheat flower carpets blooming splendidly among the spectacular mountain scenery is an impressive landmark of Ha Giang. This landscape has become an idyllic place for couples and photographers. 

Where to admire buckwheat flower fields?

Phố Cáo is the first place with buckwheat flowers when you head to Dong Van. This place has some carpets of buckwheat flowers lying near cliffs.

Sủng Là – Sung La contains the best buckwheat fields in Ha Giang. The clusters of buckwheat flowers stretching to horizon have dazzled many visitors. Walking along Sung La, you may have a chance to enjoy at least five buckwheat flower fields.

What to bear in mind

Ha Giang is located over 300 kilometers from Hanoi. You may take a sleeper bus in My Dinh Bus Station (Hanoi – Ha Giang route) with price ticket ranging from 250,000 to 300,000 VND. Sleeper bus will depart at 8:00 pm and come to Ha Giang at 5:00 am. Some bus brand names: Bang Cuong, Bang Phan, Cau Me, etc.

There is no need to worry about means of transportation in this place since there are many places to hire a motorcycle with price rental ranging from 200,000 – 250,000 VND/day. You should remember to get all motorcycle documents including motorbike insurance and carry your personal documents such as driver’s licenses and Identity Card.

Some tips for tourists: The best time to visit Ha Giang is in November when it’s havest time and buckwheat flowers blooming all around fields.

It’s often cold at night and in the early morning, hence, remember to bring a warm jacket.
You should ask for permission of the owner before wandering in buckwheat flower fields. Do not tread on flowers and remember to pick up trash before leaving.
Some delicacies that you should not miss: mèn mén, corn cake, corn wine, thắng cố, etc.

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