Lost in breath-taking beauty of fields of white blumea flowers in Moc Chau

November and December are the best times for white Blumea flowers to fully bloom. Moc Chau is full of white colors. White Blumea flower fields stretch endlessly, which makes Moc Chau a fantastic destination in late autumn. Numerous tourists, especially Vietnamese backpackers, are eager to come here and observe the beauty of the endless flower fields. Moc Chau becomes a more attractive and busier destination in the flower season.

Lost in breath-taking beauty of fields of white blumea flowers in Moc Chau
Photo by tuandn0105
White Blumea flowers grow everywhere in Moc Chau. It’s easy for tourists to admire the special flowers on the roadsides, on the mountainsides or hillsides, in the valleys, or even around houses in Moc Chau plateau. On the roads to Moc Chau town, you can take beautiful photos with the special flowers and enjoy the early winter atmosphere of the mountainous area.

There is nothing surprising when hundreds of visitors rush to Moc Chau plateau to observe the pure beauty of natural flowers. The flowers are white and simple, but it’s attractive enough to make a deep impression on locals and visitors. Moreover, vast white Blumea flower fields harmoniously blending with the mist make tourists overwhelmed a lot. It seems to be lost in fairyland.

It’s recommended that Ang Hamlet, Bua Hamlet, and Moc Chau Farm Town are where white Blumea flowers are most beautiful.  Extensive fields of white Blumea flowers draw the special attention of young couples and photographers. Many brides in white dresses with their grooms visit the plateau to take sparkling wedding photos with the natural beauty of the Moc Chau flowers. Most likely, it is one of the unforgettable moments.

It is 200 kilometers from Hanoi, tourists can easily take cars, buses, or even ride motorbikes to Moc Chau. Get away from long days of hard work and take a trip to Moc Chau is one thing you should do next November.

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