My Khe Beach

There are some reasons to refer to Da Nang as one of the most idyllic coastal city of Vietnam. The city is endowed with a 30km length of coastline which has been exploited to offer tourists marvelous beaches such as Nam O, Xua Thieu, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Son Tra, Bac My An, Non Nuoc, My Khe,…With the water typically green throughout the year, these beaches are also popular among tourists because of its high safety level (the safeguard team operates from 5AM to 8pm daily), the salination is about 60% and in the immaculate condition. Among those beaches, My Khe stands out as the 900m long, free, less than average pollution and most crowded beach with local as well as foreign visitors, once nominated in Forbes Magazine as one of the ‘World’s Most Luxurious Beaches’.

My Khe Beach
Photo by Fa2f
My Khe Beach with Da Nang and Hoi An together form a triangle, given the distance between the beach to the city and Hoi An is 6km and 24km respectively. In the autumn, the beach is still capable of offering swimmers and surfers a magnificent and primitive hideaway thanks to its position, located in the lee of Son Tra Peninsula, free from excessively strong winds that partly limit swimming further down the coast.

Going straight up from the beach and heading forwards, you will find a verdant and bushy poplar forest, which is a real treat for ones who love exploring and treasuring the diversity of the fauna and flora of My Khe Beach’s nature. The sea possesses coral which is worth snorkeling activities.

The ideal time to pay the beach a visit is summertime from May to August.

About accommodation, you can stay at My Khe Hotel, which provides 50 well-equipped and comfortable rooms and other essential utilities. Along the seashore located luxurious villas, offering you and your family great alternatives for lodgement. Back in the war period, when American soldiers took a part of the beach, some premises were established here in order to cater to entertaining and relaxing needs of the military.

Coming to My Khe Beach, you can experience a variety of recreating activities such as fishing, yacht race, diving…

At My Khe Beach, the seafood is definitely a highlight. It is recommended that you should go to Pho Bien restaurant since the place has been receiving pretty good feedbacks. A little warning is that the restaurant owners in the area can be quite persistent and annoying sometimes about their restaurants worth a try. However, the quality of those is somehow equivalent.

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