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Boating on the Nho Que River - Tu San Gorge

The Nho Que River flows into Vietnam from the village of Seo Lung, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, passes through the Tu San Gorge and flows along Ma Phi Leng Pass, when it comes to Meo Vac, it flows eastward into Cao Bang and then into the Gam River. The Tu San Gorge is considered to be the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia and is located in a unique geologic valley in Vietnam.

Boating on the Nho Que River - Tu San Gorge
Photo by Hoang Le Dinh
The Tu San Gorge is located between Dong Van and Meo Vac. With a height of 1500m, depth of 700 - 900m, flowing in the Northwest - Southeast, The Tu San Gorge is poetic, mysterious like the jade fiber fanciful, hidden between the mountains of the North East Forest craggy.

Immediately book a Ha Giang tour package from Hanoi to take part in the journey of discovering the Tu San Gorge - Ma Pi Leng to see the grandeur and natural scenery in Ha Giang!

Boating on the Nho Que River - Tu San Gorge 1
Photo by umove.com.vn
Rowing to where, you will feel the change of nature. The coolness of the stone, the murmur of the water, the whisper of the wind, surrounding things like being sunk between two towering cliffs.

Come to Ha Giang, experience enough different levels of emotions when watching the flag of Vietnam flying high on Lung Cu flagpole, climbing each conquer the peak of Chieu Lau Thi and once rowing on the Nho River Cinnamon, explore the Tu San Gorge.

A very attractive new experience appeared in the tour program Ha Giang. Let's go off the beaten track when travelling abroad.
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