Top 4 Shop The Best "Banh Cuon" Of Hanoi In Mildly Cold Days

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All the foodies agreed that it is worth-a-wait to taste one of the best steamy "banh cuon" in town.

When the winter comes, hot "banh cuon" – thin steamed rice flour pancakes - is one of the most preferred dishes for breakfast or the afternoon meal in Hanoi. Let’s check out some addresses where the best "banh cuon" is served. 

Nothing is better than discovering Hanoi on a cold winter day with hot dishes, stimulating your stomach when passing by. A wonderful experience that HANOI STREET FOOD TOUR brings to you.

Top 4 Shop The Best "Banh Cuon" Of Hanoi In Mildly Cold Days
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"Banh cuon" Ba Hoanh, 66 To Hien Thanh (Hai Ba Trung district)

This may be the most popular venue for the locals and visitors as the restaurant’s "banh cuon" was chosen to serve journalists at the International Media Center during the second US-North Korea summit in Hanoi in late February.

The restaurant caters to hundreds of culinary aficionados daily with thousands of unvaried taste "banh cuon" dishes. All the foodies agreed that it is worth-a-wait to taste one of the best steamy "banh cuon" in town.

The pancake stuffed with minced pork and cloud-ear mushrooms is steamed thinly and later served with “nuoc mam”, a fish-sauce-based dipping sauce, fried shallots, and fresh herbs.

The side dishes of Vietnamese roasted cinnamon sausage or grilled pork are also served with the "banh cuon".

The price of a set of "banh cuon" is ranging from VND30,000 (US$1.3) to VND50,000 (US$2.2).

"Banh cuon" Phuong, 68 Hang Cot (Hoan Kiem district)

The chop-house is so well-known among locals in the Old Quarter thanks to the unique recipe of the sauce, which has been handed down from their ancestors. The sauce is made from pork and mushroom. Depending on their own taste, people can add lemon, chili or vinegar to their condiment.

"Banh cuon" is believed to warm up your blank stomach in the cold days. Besides some popular side dishes, the chop-house also serves egg, sausages, shrimp flakes, among others, to accompany the "banh cuon".

The price is from VND20,000 (US$0.86) to VND55,000 (US$2.38).

"Banh cuon" Thanh Van”, 12-14 Hang Ga (Hoan Kiem district)

This is a pocket address for Hanoians when they want to taste the most original "banh cuon" thanks to the decade-old opening. According to the restaurant’s recipe, the fried onion is dusted on the surface of the pancake while the shrimp flakes are served inside it. In modern days, the "banh cuon" is also served with chicken.

The price of the "banh cuon" is around VND30,000 (US$1.3) to VND60,000 (US$2.6).

"Banh cuon" ba Xuan, Hoe Nhai (Ba Dinh district)

The chop-house is popular for take away "banh cuon". The steamed rice flour pancakes are unlike any restaurants in the city thanks to its fairly soft pancakes and bold taste of pork frilled with the cloud eat mushrooms.

The price of the dish is VND35,000 (US$1.51).

The best way to determine your favourite cuisine? Try things you’ve never had in international restaurants and on trips abroad. Close your eyes and stab at the menu! Sure, you’ll blow a few choices, but you’ll also open your mind to different dishes and cooking styles.

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