Ha Giang in November: Charming With Buckwheat Flowers Season

Nga Do
For the locals in the northern mountainous of Cao Bang and Ha Giang, the buckwheat seeds also serve as an addit  es could be used as medicine.

Travelling Ha Giang these days, visitors will be treated to a picturesque landscape of the fields of pink and white buckwheat flowers along the mountain pass from Quan Ba, Yen Minh to Pho Cao and Dong Van.

Ha Giang in November: Charming With Buckwheat Flowers Season

Buckwheat is the mountainous flower that blooms every onset of winter between October and November. Over the past years, it has become an inspiration for both domestic and foreign travelers to Ha Giang.

This year, the acreage under buckwheat flowers, which has been considered the tourism ambassador of Ha Giang province, has been increased to lure more visitors, which will help bolster the local tourism.

The flowers are planted thickly and interminably along the valley or blanketed the rice fields, creating both enthralling and romantic landscapes. Over the past years, the road to Dong Van has attracted numerous travelers by the steep passes winding around hills and mountains, which are now embellished with the beauty of pink buckwheat flowers.

The unmissable stops when traveling to Ha Giang is the Lung Cam valley in the Sung La commune, Dong Van district, where the buckwheat flowers are grown almost everywhere from the hills to the end of mountain passes.

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Buckwheat flowers are the enduring, cold and drought tolerant flowers, which easily grow in the Dong Van karst plateau. The most beautiful period of the flowers is when they are about to wilt, transforming from the white color to the light pink and then dark red.

After a week, the flowers will turn purple or light purple, followed by the pink and dark red colors some weeks later.

For the locals in the northern mountainous of Cao Bang and Ha Giang, buckwheat seeds also serve as an additional food supplement between two seasons and its weeds and leaves could be used as medicine. The triangle weeds are harvested to make cake and alcoholic drinks.

Ha Giang is accessible to cars and motorbikes. It is recommended to travel to Ha Giang by cars and hire motorbike from Ha Giang to travel to some touristic destinations and fully enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the mountainous areas.

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