12 Reasons Why You Should Travelling With Close Friends - A Motivational Boost To Share

Nga Do
How long have you not been traveling with close friends?

We all travel for a reason. Whether it is for the experience, the thirst of adventure, the time you want to spend with your best friends and partner.

Be creative, pack your friend and make all the other friends back home jealous. After all, you are about to make lifetime experiences.

I created a big list of 12 reasons to travel with your best friend.

Therefore, keep scrolling and read all of my best travel quotes for friends.

12 Reasons Why You Should Travelling With Close Friends - A Motivational Boost To Share

#1 - Planning is SO exciting when you travel with your best friend

One of the best parts of a trip is the planning stage, and it’s all the more fun when you’re traveling with your best friend. They won’t tire of your endless travel chat, and it’s perfectly acceptable to phone them at 11pm with all of your urgent and essential questions, like which sandals should you take. Collecting ideas, sharing Pinterest inspiration, bikini shopping or simply talking about all the amazing places you want to visit with your bestie will get you both super excited for the adventures ahead.

#2 - You won't get stressed about planning the trip.

You both want to do the same stuff, and it won't matter if it goes perfectly as planned because you'll be together!

12 Reasons Why You Should Travelling With Close Friends - A Motivational Boost To Share 1
Photo by Sapa Tours From Hanoi

#3 - Your close friend knows your perfect picture pose

We all know that good Instagram pictures take at least 5 attempts… on a good day! That’s why having your best friend there to take a million pictures of you without getting impatient makes for the perfect shot, plus they know which of the two identical sides of your face is the “hot” side.

#4 - You can vacation at the pace you enjoy.

Whether you like to do tons of stuff in a day or just kick back and relax, your best friend will know how you like to travel.

#5 - You know you will be safe because someone will always be looking out for you.

And your families will worry less as well.

12 Reasons Why You Should Travelling With Close Friends - A Motivational Boost To Share 2
Photo taken at stone church in Sapa, Vietnam. Photo by Sapa Tours From Hanoi

#6 - You won't be embarrassed to go do the goofy stuff together.

Sometimes there are some silly attractions you're dying to see. Your close friend will never judge you for that.

#7 -  You can pack less because you will just share everything.

Had to state the obvious.

#8 - You will create memories you can share for the rest of your lives.

It will be a trip you'll never forget.

#9 - You can talk openly about money

Money is such an important subject when you’re travelling, and it’s easy to get carried away with too many nights on the town or expensive activities. Even if you’re not in exactly the same financial situation, you and your best friend can help each other keep tabs on your spending. When you’re traveling with your best friend, you’ll find it easier to stick to a budget and say no to some things without feeling uncomfortable.

12 Reasons Why You Should Travelling With Close Friends - A Motivational Boost To Share 3
Photo taken at Cat Cat village, Sapa, Vietnam. Photo by Sapa Tours From Hanoi

#10 - You will encourage each other to be braver.

Tough hike? You'll be easily convinced with your close friend by your side.

#11 - You’ll take your friendship to the next level

Last but certainly not least, nothing develops a deeper bond than traveling together and making lifelong memories. All the crazy, fun and stressful situations will help you get to know her even better and make your friendship stronger. And the best bit is you’ll have somebody to relive all those awesome memories with for years to come.

#12 - You can finally fulfill the travel dreams you have shared for years.

One thing is certain, traveling is awesome and always worth it. So kick back and enjoy these awesome trip quotes I found for you. If you haven't taken a vacation with your best friend yet, you are missing out. We promise here will be the best trip of your life.

In the article, I have used some photos of Nga Do author during my trip to Sapa, Vietnam. If you want to have a trip with close friends like them, we are here ready to plan and accompany you in Vietnam.


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