One Day in Hue: Much to See and Eat in So Little Time

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Hue - a city that was once the nation’s capital. Known as one of the top spots for sampling some of the best food that Vietnam has to offer. With only a day and a night designated to this city, you will have a lot to see and eat in a very short amount of time. Challenge accepted.

What to Do

One Day in Hue: Much to See and Eat in So Little Time
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Spend a few hours exploring the Imperial City:

Walk around Imperial city to explore. The ticket costs only $5 but is very worth it.

As soon as you cross the bridge through the main gate you feel like you’re back in ancient times. The city was really only built a few hundred years ago, but it seems so much older!

They are still in the restoration process, as much of the city was destroyed by the war, but if you use your imagination, you can picture how grand it must have been in its prime.

There are an amazing amount of archways that lead you into one secret garden after the next. This is very much a tourist destination. It is such a cool place to explore!

Grab lunch at Dong Ba Market:

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After perusing the multiple stalls of fresh veggies, fruits, meats, grains and more on the streets surrounding the market, head inside to the food stalls to try a Hue specialty, Bun Bo Hue – a rice noodle dish with beef and veggies.

Next fill your belly some more by trying the iced yogurt in a plastic bag (looks like milk) and some local fruits.

Check out Chi Lang Street to see how the locals live:

When leaving the Imperial City, you will have a great time checking out the local scene. A pagoda tucked back off of the main street where young Vietnamese children practiced karate; It's like a scene from  “The Next Karate Kid”. 

Then Bun Hen, a dish recommended by Vietnam travel guru. 

One Day in Hue: Much to See and Eat in So Little Time 2
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Bun Hen is a vermicelli noodle dish with chopped baby clams and veggies. Eat on a blue plastic chair – sure sign of an authentic Vietnamese dining experience.

Cultural experience and culinary Hue in HUE CITY TOUR ONE DAY

Hue is an interesting city. It is more of a place for backpackers to hang out thanks to its parties and bars, but the historical sites make it a great destination for those, who love to discover new cultures and are interested in gaining some knowledge about the country.

Hue has a lot of delicious dishes that appeal to all visitors, from great street food, old traditional food and even busy bars and shopping, but the history and traditions are woven into the city. Traditional homes and pagodas stand next to mobile shops and motorbike rentals, but they all go together with a surprising harmony.

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