6 Reasons To Love Hanoi's Old Quarter Right From The First Meeting

Nga Do
Hanoi is far beyond the busting metropolitan and the capital in Vietnam, it is where the heart of the thousands-year-old country resides. See for yourself what has made Hanoi a timelessly charming destination that enchants milions of visitors to the city.

Little suggestion: do not miss Pho - the most special dish of Hanoi. It will certainly please your stomach! Seaching for best Pho in Hanoi.

1. The Café’s!

6 Reasons To Love Hanoi's Old Quarter Right From The First Meeting
Photo: internet
Hanoian people have such a one-of-a-kind coffee culture that can hardly be found anywhere else. In contrast to the fancy Starbucks, sitting on a sidewalk and enjoying a cup of hot, creamy egg coffee in the chilly weather is truly what to live for. The locals like to have their coffee with some snacks such as sunflower seeds or jerky so make to order some in the cafe.

2. The Food!

6 Reasons To Love Hanoi's Old Quarter Right From The First Meeting 1
Cha Ca: The Hanoi street dedicated to one special dish. Photo: internet
You can’t visit Hanoi without eating pho, and lots of it! Hanoi is known for the best Pho in Vietnam, and since Pho is a Vietnamese dish, it makes it home to the best Pho in the world.

Bun cha, a pork and noodle dish, is also a specialty dish of Hanoi that’s a must-try, just be sure to find a friend before you order bun cha to yourself; it is an enormous dish that no one can finish alone! And if there’s time (there’s always time for food…) meander over to Quan Goc Da for crispy fried pork dumplings called banh goi.

3. The Night Market!

6 Reasons To Love Hanoi's Old Quarter Right From The First Meeting 2
Bustling night market scene at Hanoi night market. Photo: internet
The Old Quarter really comes alive at night with vendors of all kinds filling the streets. There’s live music flooding the streets, food vendors everywhere, and countless stalls displaying handmade crafts. I fell in love with these beautiful pop-up cards of all different designs, and ended up buying a bunch to take home.

The best part is how entertaining it is just to walk around. You can honestly spend hours perusing all of the different stalls and all of the different trinkets.

4. Bia Hoi Corner!

6 Reasons To Love Hanoi's Old Quarter Right From The First Meeting 3
Bia Hoi corner at Ta Hien - Luong Ngoc Quyen crossroads. Photo: internet
The corner of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen in The Old Quarter is known as Bia Hoi Corner, where in the evenings you will find both locals and tourists flocking to drink the world’s most inexpensive beer.

This is one of the most popular drinking spots in the area, serving Hanoi’s specialty beer “Bia Hoi” at just 25 cents a glass. Did I mention that I love Vietnam?

5. Hoan Kiem Lake!

6 Reasons To Love Hanoi's Old Quarter Right From The First Meeting  4
Turtle Rua in Hoan Kiem lake in the early morning. Photo: pexels 
At the historical center of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake is a scenic spot just outside of the Old Quarter that is always buzzing with activity. Cau 

The Huc Bridge connects you to Ngoc Son Temple in the middle of the lake, which is worth checking out if it’s not too crowded with tourists. It’s nice to take a walk around the perimeter on a beautiful day, and is also a great place to meet some locals! 

6. Lantern Lounge!

Although a tourist bar, I absolutely loved the ambiance of this place. With mats placed out on the floor, dim red lighting, hundreds of paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and all sorts of art covering the walls, it’s a cool place to go with some friends and exchange travel stories over a beer or two.

To be honest, there are far more than 6 reasons that make visitors keep coming back to this charming city, but you have to experience yourself to find out. Taking part in Hanoi city tours is the best way for you to experience this beautiful city. Check out more at: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/location/hanoi-tours/

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