Rice Harvest And Memorable Experiences in Sapa, Vietnam

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With rainy season over and the harvest fast approaching, the paddies go from bright green to gold in a matter of weeks, a landscape photographer’s dream. 

The rice harvest season in Sapa attracts tourists everywhere on the World. Tourists will be delighted by the yellow color in harmony with blue sky, white colors, green mountains and rustic ethnic houses. Here are some best experiences for you to enjoy beautiful rice fields during harvesting seasons in Northern Vietnam.


Rice Harvest And 10 Memorable Experiences in Sapa, Vietnam
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend on the Facebook

Watching rice harvest activity from above by Fansipan Cable Car

Conquering Fansipan peak is the most interesting and unique experience that anyone coming to Sapa or Vietnam would like to join. More specifically, when conquering Fansipan peak by cable car in the rice harvest season will bring you many surprises.

Thanks to the modern Fansipan cable car, visitors will be taken to a height of over 3,100 m with only 15 minutes. Sitting in the cable car looking down, the ripe rice floors are gradually cut by the small silhouette of the people here. In the distance, see a group of people gathered together, pedaling rice, each bundle of rice swung up rhythmically making the scene look like a perfect picture.

More interestingly, in September, visitors conquering Fansipan Peak can also watch the beautiful cloudy yard which appears only in this period. Such an exclusive experience in our Sapa journey.

You can view the detailed itinerary of Fansipan by cable car at: https://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour/fansipan-cable-car-sapa-tours-2-days/

Rice Harvest And 10 Memorable Experiences in Sapa, Vietnam 1
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend on the Facebook

Magnificent landscape for photographers

September is the most scenic month of terraced fields in Sapa. The beautiful terraced fields are dressed in bright yellow clothes, signaling it is time for Sapa harvest season. It is the magnificent scene that inspires plenty of photographers to come to the town and create their special photo albums.

Rice Harvest And 10 Memorable Experiences in Sapa, Vietnam 2
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend on the Facebook

Participating in rice harvesting activities with indigenous people

The golden terraced fields bring you a wonderful view of nature but, a beauty unmatched. But, to create those golden silk strips is how much sweat, effort of simple farmers.

Participating in harvesting rice with people is an extremely meaningful experience. Join to learn the hard work of creating rice grains, Join to see that the beauty of nature is not only from the eyes and it also comes from the heart!

>> Let’s see which Sapa experiences we can enjoy when visiting the town <<

Rice Harvest And 10 Memorable Experiences in Sapa, Vietnam 3
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours Team

Live with local family

Coming to Sapa in September, you should not ignore the experience of living in homestay with the ethnic people. The experience brings us closer to the local culture. We will discover their way of life, enjoy the traditional and fine cuisine with a lot of specialties of the northwest region.

Coming to Vietnam in September and welcome to Sapa harvest season – the most beautiful time to visit the poetic town. Sapa allures travelers from the simplest things to modern ones achieved over the time of development. Everything has to change and develop to exist, but Sapa remains unique traditional identity which attracts and appeal travelers to explore.

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