7 Things To Know Before When Conquering Mount Fansipan By Cable Car

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➤ Fansipan peak is now for everyone! - conquering Fansipan Mountain, "The Roof Of Indochina" now easier than ever. With a cable car system just opened, you have only 15 minutes to the top.

Just 15 minutes, you can reach to the top of Fansipan and admire the best experience of being on top, gazing out to the breathtaking mountainous scenery, but It is also quite difficult for first-time people. In this article, we offer some notes when going to Fansipan cable car that you should keep in mind to have a safe and joyful trip.

7 Things To Know Before When Conquering Mount Fansipan By Cable Car
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

1. Fansipan Cable Car Price

Tourists of Sapa can buy Fansipan Sapa cable car tickets in many different places. If you go to a crowded group or on a peak, book in advance with the hotel where you rest in Sapa without going to the queue. If you go to a small group or on a low occasion, you can buy tickets directly at Sun Plaza right in the center of Sapa town or Sapa station.

To go to Fansipan Sapa cable car, best way to enjoy is join Fansipan by Cable Car tours.

Fansipan Sapa cable car is recorded as the longest non-stop three-rope cable car in the world by Guinness.

Cable car price for the latest updated in 2019 is VND700.000/person/round trip.

7 Things To Know Before When Conquering Mount Fansipan By Cable Car 1
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend

2. Muong Hoa climbing mountain train ticket in 2019

Starting from Sun Plaza (Sapa town center) to Sapa station (Muong Hoa station), if you take a train to climb Muong Hoa, you do not need to take a taxi to Sapa station but still admire the panoramic view. Muong Hoa valley is very beautiful. The train of Muong Hoa mountain in Fansipan Sapa runs continuously so you do not need to spend much time waiting. The railway station is designed in a European style which is large but has many beautiful details, do not ignore the beautiful scenes here.

Muong Hoa train climbing  price is VND200.000/person/round trip.

Check out many other interesting Fansipan itineraries at: https://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour-category/sapa-tours/fansipan-tour/

7 Things To Know Before When Conquering Mount Fansipan By Cable Car 2
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

3. Do Quyen climbing mountain ticket

From Fansipan station to Fansipan peak, you will have to climb another 600 steps. For those who are healthy or on good weather days, this is not a problem. But for those who are afraid to walk, choosing Do Quyen train to go straight to Fansipan peak is a wise choice. The advantage of the railroad to Quyen is that you can actively buy round-trip or one-way tickets. If you don’t want to use cable car, you can go trekking Fansipan.

To save costs you should only buy one way up and walk down. So both saving time and energy, you can visit all populations of Ha pagoda, Thuong pagoda and beautiful flower road of Do Quyen on Mount Fansipan.

Ticket price is 100,000 VND / time, travel time is 1 minute.

7 Things To Know Before When Conquering Mount Fansipan By Cable Car 3
Photo by Vietnam Typcial Tours Team

4. The best time to visit Fansipan Sapa  cable car 2019

Due to the operating time of the Fansipan cable car from 7:30 to 17:30 daily, it will be difficult to catch sunrise or sunset on the top of Fansipan. However, manage to be here at noon, when it is less foggy, vibrant sunshine with cool breese, thus helping you have a great time here to enjoy the stunning landscape around and having the best photoshoots.

5. The difference in altitude and temperature

Unlike trekking, the difference between the two terminals is 1410m and it only takes about 15p to cable up to this height. So when the cable car to Fansipan station, you will have tinnitus and a slight elevation shock because the body has not adapted to the new height. The best way to reduce this effect is to take a deep, steady breath. In addition, you should also bring towels, a warm sweatshirt because the temperature on the top is lower and the wind is also stronger. If you have trouble breathing or have abnormal symptoms, you must contact the station staff immediately for medical assistance.

7 Things To Know Before When Conquering Mount Fansipan By Cable Car 4
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend

6. Complex of spiritual architecture on Mount Fansipan

Note: Fansipan Sapa have temple system, you should wear discreet and polite clothes when you go to spiritual and sanctuary place.

Step out of Fansipan Station, you will immediately go to the Temple of Heaven (Thanh Phong Thien). At this point, you can write a prayer for yourself and your family. During the 600-step climb to the top of Fansipan, from Lower Temple to Upper Temple, you can also listen to the meditation music which is very pleasant, feeling like entering the Buddha realm. Do not forget to visit the statue of Amitabha Buddha, the highest bronze statue in Vietnam (21.5m), which is considered the symbol of Fansipan spiritual culture. There are also Kim Son Bao Thang Tu, the Great Bao Dai Palace with many statues of Buddhas created by the monk, monolithic 11-story monolithic stone, the Arhat Road with 18 bronze statues of Arhat, the two sides are Do Quyen flower blooming. Along with that, there are many typical Buddhist works such as Bich Van Thien, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara statue, bell tower – Vong dao tower, Son Than shrine …

7. Food center in Fansipan Legend

You can prepare your own food or enjoy the food at Do Quyen Restaurant (at Fansipan Station) and Hai Cang Restaurant (at Sapa Station). Especially for travelers who intend to climb mountains, the prepared food needs to be fast food. Remember to bring enough drinking water for the journey.

Finally, remember to clean up your garbage to keep the natural landscape beautiful.

Hopefully, the information above will be useful for your Sapa Day Trips. Providing that the flawless experience in Sapa, Vietnam, Vietnam Typcial Tours would like to support your trip.

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