[Family Holiday] Ripe Rice Season In Sapa Makes A Great Family Destination

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➤    Sapa is very nice for rice paddy fields and colorful ethnic people.

Sapa has become a popular tourist destination for travelers around the world who come to trek trails between and around the highland villages of the Hmong, Zao, Ta Van, Lao Chai, and Y Linh Ho people.

The little mountain town sits in the North of Vietnam. Mist fills the sky and golden ripe rice fields spread for miles in all directions. You honestly won’t be surprised if a unicorn and rainbow appear in the distance. Sapa is truly an ideal destination for a family holiday.

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[Family Holiday] Ripe Rice Season In Sapa Makes A Great Family Destination
Photo by Sapa Tours From Hanoi

How special is Sapa Vietnam?

Northern Vietnam is a superb mosaic painting of Vietnamese ethnic diversity. You will be charmed by its untouched nature, vibrant ethnic markets and warmed hearted people.

Discover an exotic, authentic and colorful picture of Sapa, Vietnam. Amidst its spectacular settings, with little stilt houses nestled in mountains of lush vegetation, meandering rivers shrouded in stream of fog and amazing terraced rice fields descending into flowery valleys, you will meet ethnic people.

Sapa is home to many ethnic groups such as the Black H'mong, Dao (pronounced Zao) Reds, Nhang (pronounced Niang), and Xa Pho (pronounced Safo). They  live peacefully together while maintaining their own customs and traditions, especially their colorful costumes and vibrant weekend ethnic markets.

[Family Holiday] Ripe Rice Season In Sapa Makes A Great Family Destination 1
Photo by Sapa Tours From Hanoi

Top 5 interesting experiences for your Vietnam family holiday in Sapa

1. Trekking

Trekking is one of the most favorite and interesting activities in Sapa. There are some options for you, including easy trek, medium trek and hard trek. Easy trekking route will help you gain a basic understanding of Sapa and the life of local residents there. The view on your way is also really amazing and easy trekking is really the most suitable journey for families with children, where your children can interactive with ethnic children.

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[Family Holiday] Ripe Rice Season In Sapa Makes A Great Family Destination 2
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend

2. Conquer Fansipan By Cable Car

It is the trek to the top of Fansipan – the Roof of Indochina, the dream of many young Vietnamese.

Conquering Fansipan mountain, "The Roof Of Indochina" now easier than ever. With a cable cả system just opened, you have only 15 minutes to the top.

Experience of cable car bring you unforgotten feelings. From cabin, visitors can see the poetic town of Sa Pa with Western style houses hidden under clouds.

3. Vistiting Sapa market

The local markets in the region are unlike anything you're likely to have seen elsewhere in Vietnam. Minority groups come here to exchange and trade goods and products. Market sessions are also a chance for locals to promenade and young men and women in colorful costumes to meet, date or seek sweethearts. The typical market is vibrant and colorful with traditional costume of the black Hmong, Red Dao, Tay and other minorities.

[Family Holiday] Ripe Rice Season In Sapa Makes A Great Family Destination3
Photo: Guerretto on the Flickr

4. Waterfalls in Sapa

Sa Pa is not only well known for the charm of being a misty mountain town with terraced rice fields stretching continuously on the mountains, but also for its romantic waterfall. These waterfalls are Silver waterfall, Love waterfall, ...

There are many other wonderful waterfalls at the foot of Phan Si Pan Mountain, the highest mountain in Vietnam, such as Ta Lam, Na Pao, Dau Nhuan and Tac Tinh.

5. Ban Ho village trek and hot springs

One popular excursion with trekkers is the home-stay village of Ban Ho, where the local people are from the Tay ethnic group. The housing here is traditional stilt homes and it makes for an exciting and interesting opportunity to witness and join this way of life. Close by to here are the hot springs, always here a good way to relax your aching muscles after the day’s exertions. They are not open in the rainy season.

Sapa is always one of the best choices when coming to Vietnam. Your family will definitely have memorable experiences through this journey. If you want to help plan a family vacation in Vietnam that fits your wishes, connect with us.

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