Unique Experience of Moc Chau Tourism: Rock Snail Hunting

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Moc Chau Plateau in Son La Province is well known nationwide for green tea hills, fresh air and special local dishes. One of the dishes with special taste of Moc Chau plateau that everyone knows is Suoi Bang rock snail. What do you think if you were to experience the snail catch to create delicious dishes from it? Seems to be very interesting!

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The rock snail here is shaped quite similar snail Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh. They do not grow vertically like bulging, yellow snails that horizontally flattened its, large average two knuckles, larger mouth, have milky white.

Unique Experience of Moc Chau Tourism: Rock Snail Hunting
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Rock snail in Suoi Bang, Van Ho District just appear from April to the end of August, which is the rainy season, when the weather is wet. Shape and very special place to live for its own good, it has a real but in rivers, streams, ponds and lakes can not be.

Suoi Bang rock snails usually found only in the dense forests, wooded, damp. They go out a lot after rain to eat leaves. Just another round heavy rain is spoiled for arrested. Sometimes, going a dozen times kg snails. 

To catch the stone snails you will join the local people deep into the forest, go into the cave or flip the decaying leaves to find them. You can trekking to see the scenery, go to snail catch and finally enjoy with your own achievements.

Suoi Bang rock snails are considered specialty of the people here. Snails can be made ​​into many dishes. The rocks snail Suoi Bang dish very simple process, not steamed or boiled with ginger, or citronella as the delta. Sauce is also just a few green chilies from red crested offers. Snails desirably wiped out the last bit of sauce into the mouth weep tongue, teeth felt snails touch crunchy, sweet spreads cool down his throat. The juicy, crispy cool stone buildings, there is no fishy but also pungent, aromatic leaves of the forest ...

To make this the soup, people usually boil the water to the boil, pour into the snails, add a little salt for snails and brittle out of fishy. When boiled snails, people poured out desirably, snails meat cooked with monsoon leaves, yogurt or sour bamboo leaves ... all very tasty. More sophisticated, people can bring mixed with curettage mango sour and spicy snails: the smell of the ship, ginger leaves, shiso, lemon, chili made as salad.

Unique Experience of Moc Chau Tourism: Rock Snail Hunting 1
Photo by Tuan Nguyen

How to get to Moc Chau from Hanoi? 

It is possible to get to Moc Chau by both motorbike and coach. Hoever, the most popular transportation amongst backpackers is motorbike, by which you can stop to take beautyful photos anywhere. 

By motorbike

Go along 6-highway to travel by motorbike from Hanoi to Moc Chau or go along Old 6-highway if you like a little of adventure. Although a little bad and difficult to go, this road running after Da river offers very stunning view with a few spectacular waterfalls and Hoa Binh lake of hydroelectricity, a well know spot in Vietnam. The old 6- highway also takes you through many Hmong ethnic villages as well as some of very colorful flower gardens of damson and cherry. 

Expect to spend 3 days if you want to travel to Moc Chau by motorbike, On the first day of the journey coming to Moc Chau, you are advisavble to pay a visit to Mai Chau (a town of Hoa Binh province) and stay overnight there. On the second day, you should keep on going to and discover Moc Chau. You will return Hanoi on the third day and make stop at some attractions on the returning way.

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Unique Experience of Moc Chau Tourism: Rock Snail Hunting 2
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Get to Moc Chau by Bus

It takes about 4-5 hours to travel from Hanoi to Moc Chau the distance is about 190 km. Travelers can find many bus trips in 1 day, most of which depart from My Dinh bus station. Remember that all buses to Dien Bien and Son La always pass Moc Chau town. 

Above is unique experience in Moc Chau tours that we want to share with you. If you want to add more information or something more interesting to share, don’t hesitate. Wish you have a happy trip.

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