Foreign tourist come to the Train Street in Hanoi to take pictures honeymoon

Nga Do
The old houses close to both sides of the road with the peaceful pace of the people here have created a railroad in Hanoi is both ancient and romantic, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit each day.

The birth of the Hanoi Railway Station many years ago along the long stretch of railway lines, passing through the residential areas have created in the heart of the capital a very special neighborhood, where small houses grow close On each side of the railroad, where people still call the name of the dear: train street.

Until recent years, after appearing in foreign newspapers, new railroads are known and become an indispensable destination of visitors at home and abroad when visiting Hanoi.

To go to the railway line, tourists just go along some streets cut across the railway as Kham Thien, Tran Phu ... is easily find the entrance.

In the middle of Hanoi land, noisy, can say the railway line is one of the rare beauty of ancient beauty, making anyone go through the feel of incredible peace.

So, here are many international tourists favorite, find to relax, sip a cup of coffee or take a picture check-in with friends, relatives ...

From a small, cramped old alley, the railroad line is now a poetic destination, so attractive in the eyes of visitors by its simple, ancient beauty.

With his newlywed wife to Vietnam, Honeycomb Santiago Ambit said: "As soon as I read the article about the railway line, I decided to choose Vietnam as my destination. For a honeymoon, this place has a beautiful, rustic, romantic feel, as well as my love for her. "

Narrow, rugged rock and loud whistle boats are repeated every day but in the middle of this railway road, the lives of people still calmly.

An iced tea stall with some plastic chairs next to the train can also be an ideal place for neighbors meet each other, talk.

In addition to the cafes, ice tea, railroads, there are many shops selling souvenirs. Items that are often sold are Ao Dai, Non La, Dong Ho painting, traditional toys ...

On a regular schedule, there are 5-6 weekly passes across the train street. As a habit, keep listening to the train whistle from afar, people say again "Ship back!" Then someone came home to that person, waiting for the train to pass. Sometimes together they peeked out, looking at the train.

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