Tourists tell each other how to 'survive' when traveling by motorbike in Vietnam

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Follow the delegation, know how to use the horn and stay away from the big cars are some ways for tourists to preserve life while driving in Vietnam.

For the first time to Vietnam, the traffic here is quite chaotic. Roads always crowded, drivers do not seem to follow the rules ...

Tourists tell each other how to 'survive' when traveling by motorbike in Vietnam
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But the traffic in Vietnam still impresses visitors, like Matthew Pike, the writer of Culture Trip. According to him, the car moves naturally as blood flows through the arteries. Therefore, Matthew pointed out 8 notes to help foreigners easily to traffic in Vietnam. "Once you understand it, you will find a lot of fun when driving," he said.

The most important rule

The only thing you have to worry about when driving in Vietnam is what's in front of you. You can never take your eyes off the road ahead. Believe that the drivers behind are also paying attention to everything in front of them. You can not control what others do on the road, so make sure you do not hit anything.

Follow the crowd

The thing to ensure your safety is to follow the crowd. Be like a water molecule in the river or a dust suspended by the wind blowing on the highway. You need to balance your mind and follow the flow. Follow what others are doing, because in Vietnam, the majority is stronger and safer. In particular, if you need to turn left, you have to wait for people to go with their direction.

Facilitate those around you

Whatever you do, slow down. Think about driving like when you go down to the pool. If you jump down, the water will splash around. Vietnam's transport operates on the same principle. Make it possible for other drivers to have time to avoid you.

Tourists tell each other how to 'survive' when traveling by motorbike in Vietnam 1
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Avoid people who do not obey the law

The problem most foreigners encounter when coming to Vietnam is that Vietnamese drivers always follow the road traffic law. But sometimes they do whatever they want - go through the red lights and go through the lane; go on the highway to save the car to save 10 seconds, rush to the sidewalk to cross the crowd ... It is important to pay close attention to the safety of yourself.

The whistle is on the road

Vietnamese drivers often use horn as a way of locating them. At first, this may sound weird, but you have to learn how to use your car horn to let people in front know you're approaching. If you hear the siren near you, the driver probably wants you to pay attention to the back.

Stay away from large vehicles

Most of the victims in the accident were scratched, fractured or scratched. So, wear a good helmet.

But when there are major vehicles such as buses or trucks, containers, the story will be completely different. Stay away from these vehicles as much as possible.

Tourists tell each other how to 'survive' when traveling by motorbike in Vietnam 2
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Be careful when traveling in remote areas

The Vietnamese driver can be very reckless - accelerate and steer in a moment to return to the right lane when approaching the car in the opposite direction. You should avoid the obstacles of these vehicles.

The defensive spirit is at the highest level

You need to improve your defense skills while driving - judging what can happen to avoid. Not everyone wants to hit you, but you can always feel threatened.

Do not drive in the evening

This advice is very clear, but many people ignore it. Driving after alcohol is very popular in Vietnam. You may not see him from any direction.

Another factor that makes driving in the evening dangerous is the fact that trucks, containers and large vehicles will be allowed into the city during this time to reduce congestion.

Taxis are a safer option when traveling in the evening in Vietnam.

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