8 things that make tourists first come to Vietnam to be surprised

Nga Do
Jimmy - from America, and Tah girlfriend - Thai people, met in Korea in 2015 when he was serving in the military while Tah was studying. Two years later, they set out to explore the world, one of the first destination is Vietnam. Recently, these two bloggers shared their impressions of Vietnam on YouTube Diver Living, especially in Hanoi and Hoi An.
If you have never been to Vietnam, you should know ahead of time to plan better. In fact, Vietnam is one of the most prominent destinations in our journey. From culture, food, people to the scenery, this country has everything for visitors to explore.

This is the ideal stopover for the first time in Southeast Asia. We will reveal the first impression of Vietnam.

Pipe tobacco

After visiting a number of Southeast Asian countries, we were surprised to see so many smokers in Vietnam, especially the pipe tobacco from giant bamboo tubes, which they have never seen before. Vietnamese people often drink green tea when they smoke a cigarette, saying that these two things will benefit the digestive system -  we are not sure what the truth is.


Normally the helmet is bulky, covering the ears but the Vietnamese hat looks like a baseball hat, some leave room for women to tie their hair if they want. This helmet shape seems very popular with teens.

When we first arrived in Vietnam, we raised the question: "Can it really protect you from accidents?" Some people say that this half-helmet is just a means to prevent it.

Horn is a language

You may be surprised at the amount of motorcycles in Vietnam. People push the horn constantly, but this is a way to communicate with each other on the road, as if to announce: "I'm going up there, he's careful." 

In addition, if you notice you will see people also honk the horn. This is something that we do not understand and really want to test on our next trip to Vietnam.

Korean Wave

We meet in Korea so it is easy to recognize fashion from Korea. Young Vietnamese have the same style from hairstyle to Korean make-up, this fashion trend is also prevalent in Thailand.

Beer is as cheap as water

When we arrived in Hoi An for the first time, we decided to call mineral water in the restaurant, but discovered a bottle of water cost 15,000 VND while a bottle of beer cost only 20,000 VND so both decided to drink beer. Perhaps this is why Vietnam is one of the most consuming countries in Southeast Asia.

Not only that, the Vietnamese also have the cheapest beer in the world - 5,000 VND a cup. Some hostel or homestay houses also offer free beer for guests arriving in the golden hours, as the price of this beverage is too cheap. We are not sure where we can find cheaper beer.

One interesting thing that we pay attention to is the Vietnamese beer culture. Mostly, when the Vietnamese get together for a beer, you will have dinner or add food like chicken wings, frog's thighs ... This culture is somewhat similar to Korea when many couples dating and drinking beer together.

Vietnamese people like to talk loudly

It seems that Vietnamese people like to scream while talking to each other, which sometimes frightens us.

When we arrived at a steakhouse on Hang Buom Street, we could not find the road to Google Maps because the entrance was a very deep alley. When we asked the women who lived there, we found them talking as loud as they were arguing, so much so that they both pointed out that they should get out of there immediately.

Surprisingly, she turned around and smiled later, making we not feel threatened to leave. We realize that Vietnamese people can talk loudly but they are friendly and kind.

Every dish has vegetables

It is not difficult to understand when Vietnam is one of the countries with the world's best food. Vietnamese food uses a lot of green vegetables, even vegetables without vegetables are also decorated with spices. At the cafeteria, staff always serve a basket of raw vegetables, which is somewhat similar to Korea. Table and chairs at the pavement are small.

Non La

If you walk on the street you will find Vietnamese women often wear a unique hat called Non La. This is a country located in the tropical monsoon, so the sunshine alternating year round. Therefore, the Vietnamese created the Non La, initially for farmers to work in the field. The traditional pyramid hat is still used today, and becomes a charm to foreign visitors.

What is your first impression of a vacation in Vietnam? Let's share your interesting experiences and plan a trip to Vietnam to visit with us.

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