Swiss Supermodel seduces side the beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Nga Do
Vietnam nature conquered two supermodels as they described the pristine beaches of Phu Quoc "beautiful to suffocation".
Sara Leutenegger, 24, is a bright side in the top 8 of Germany's 13th season Germany's Next Top Model television show, which airs in this February. On August 25, Sara headed to Vietnam.

She check-in between a pristine beach on Phu Quoc Island with the preface: "Natural beauty, the beaches of Phu Quoc are beautiful to suffocation ... As a dream, From Vietnam, I will send to the you love and sunshine ".

Accompanying Sara for a 10-day trip was Sylwina Spiess (right), 28-year-old model and beautiful food blogger from Switzerland. This is the first time Sara and Sylwina have been traveling together, they have to move constantly to conquer the challenges of unique attractions like selfie with a sea turtle, crawling in the narrow tunnel in Cu Chi.

Sara and Sylwina explore Cai Be floating market, Tien Giang. They have tried many local produce from coconut water, jackfruit, pineapple ...

Sylwina suddenly saw jackfruit - her favorite fruit: "It was the first time I saw a jack fruit on a tree, it was not yet ripe but I decided to take it to the hotel. I can not find fresh jackfruit in Zurich (Swiss). "

She revealed: "While you can see jackfruit anywhere in Vietnam, the fruit is hard to find in Switzerland - the same thing happens with cherries. A cherry in Vietnam costs $ 1, while you can buy a kilogram of jackfruit at that price - is that crazy? Apples are rare and expensive here, but papaya, pineapple or mango in Vietnam are the best fruits I have ever eaten. "

Returning to Ho Chi Minh City, Sara and Sylwina had had eggs coffee and matcha eggs, eat sidewalk bread. "We carry very little clothes, leave all our belongings at home. On this trip, we will join a Vietnamese food show - the next will be aired in Switzerland, "Sylwina revealed on Blick.

After flying to Hanoi, Sara and Sylwina headed straight to Quang Ninh to explore Halong Bay. Personally, Sara thinks she does not want to stay here for so long.

Next, two beautiful people moved to Ninh Binh to take a scenic boat trip Tam Coc - Bich Dong. Beauty born in 1994 must say that: "Vietnam nature is what makes me most passionate."

She was delighted to see the men rowing with their feet, moments of low bowing when they entered the dark cave and swooned over the beauty of the paddies that were in the season.

Besides the memorable experience on the S-shaped strip, what makes Sara and Sylwina worry is the environmental problem in Vietnam.

Here is what Sylwina shared after 10 days of exploring Vietnam:

"The trips is not just a journey to many beautiful places, enjoy good food or hold your breath before the diversity of life, each time you hit the road is once you face the reality - as if you were opening your eyes to see you. Backpacking tourism is an experience that helps us to learn, new things just make us feel surprised, and let us feel humble, pinning the questions in our minds - so that each person recognizes and makes a difference.

Sara and I have experienced many things in our journey along this beautiful country, and we see the consequences of each person's indifferent attitude towards the beach and the streets are filled with rubbish.

At present, I support and participate in the campaign caring for the marine environment Ocean Care - but this trip is the first time I witnessed the reality. If you ask us what we learned from this trip, the answer is definitely a more serious attitude about plastic waste. Let's tackle this issue together. Stop using plastic straws and disposable plasticware. I know no one is perfect, but at least try to change from the smallest thing. "

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