Street food in Sapa isn't just cuisine

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Sapa tour, in addition to cool temperate climate, wild landscape and majestic mountains with terraced fields, also known locally as many delicious dishes are made from local produce. As well as other tourist destinations, Sapa also develops street food with its own characteristics, moreover, the street food here always has bold flavor, true thanks to natural materials . Here we introduce the street food can not be ignored when traveling to Sapa:

1. Roasted Chestnut

Street food in Sapa isn't just cuisine
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Due to the temperate climate, Sapa is a locally grown chestnut, Sapa chestnut is usually quite large, brown in color, looks very fat and beautiful. In addition to the usual boiling, the local people created many unique ways of making chestnuts, which made them more nutritious, such as grilled chestnuts, roasted with sugar.

2. Com Lam

Along the street as: Cloud Bridge, Thach Son, visitors can easily buy yourself a bundle of Com Lam for only 5 - 7000vn vnd. Com Lam, a traditional dish of ethnic minority people in Sapa. Cooked from glutinous rice or baby rice, the rice is grown on terraced fields.

3. Black Chung Cake

Sapa Black Chung Cake is packed into small pieces. The cake is wrapped like the Southern Tet cake but not as long as Tet cake, nor square like the traditional Chung cake of the Kinh. To make the cake is easy to eat, not worry about being hot. This ethnic minority here created a way to make cake by taking glutinous rice soaked with Nuc Nac's ash, the cake after cooking will be black and have the cool bar.

4. Iridescence sticky rice

Called the sticky rice with Iridescence sticky rice are: White, red, yellow, green, purple. These colors represent the five elements, white is metal, green is colour of leaf, purple is water, red is fire and gold is earth.

Iridescence sticky rice are produced from the leaves or roots. For example: Red is used for gac or red rice leaves; green leaves from ginger leaves, yellow is used for turmeric; Purple is used forblack rice leaf, or leaves of Sau Sau tree.

5. Grill

Grilled dishes such as grilled meat, roasted vegetables, roasted mushrooms, grilled corn ... are made from famous sources are cultivated in the local. The meat is taken from grazed animals; corn, vegetables and mushrooms are the three famous foods that are cultivated and provided for many luxury restaurants in the whole province of Lao Cai.

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