Guide to your one day fulfilled trip in Hue

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Hue, the infamous ancient capital of Vietnam, possesses more tourist attractions than any other places in Vietnam. Home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the Imperial City and several historic tombs, temples, and pagodas, here you will have the chance to immerse in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of this beautiful city that has gone in poetry. For your Vietnam travel and tour, this guide will give you an exciting and satisfying Hue full day itinerary.

Guide to your one day fulfilled trip in Hue
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Let’s start Hue city tours by visiting royal tombs in Hue Citadel. Hue Citadel is located in the north of Perfume River with an area of 500ha. Here is the administrative and political center of Nguyen Dynasty and royal living place of emperors and lords as well. Hue Citadel includes the citadel and Forbidden Purple City. In 1993, Hue Citadel was recognized as a Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO, which brought the pride to Vietnamese people. There are a number of royal tombs in the citadel. Three most famous ones are Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb.

Guide to your one day fulfilled trip in Hue 1
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After taking a rest, let’s vary the day tour by visiting Thien Mu Pagoda. Thien Mu Pagoda was constructed in 1601 on Ha Khe Hill on the left bank of Perfume River. Up until now, the pagoda remains its inherent majesty, purity and antique. The highlight of tours in Hue is dropping by Tu Nhan Tower, later changed as Phuoc Duyen Tower. The work was built as the order of Thieu Tri Emperor. It is 21 meter high with 7 floors in front of the pagoda's gate. It is one of typical symbol of the city.

Guide to your one day fulfilled trip in Hue 2
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Vietnam holiday packages in Hue will not be completed if coming and missing to taste Com Hen (rice with mussel). Com Hen is a famous local dish of Hue cuisine. That is an ideal option for dinner. The ingredients of the dish consist of rice, salads, peanuts, sesame, shrimp sauce and mussels. All creates a unique and tasty flavor. Enjoying the catchy dish will help tourists have more experiences on the local cuisine. 

After dinner, taking a Perfume River cruise is a fantastic idea. At night, Perfume River becomes more romantic and elegant. This is the time for tourists to get on a boat, enjoy a poetic river tour, and admire the serene local life. During the time of sitting on boat, listening to beautiful Hue folk songs and enjoying cool breezes will be unforgettable memories in the day tour.

In the rest time of the day, trying to eat some sweet soup and then going for a walk will be interesting experiences in Hue. The sweet soup world in Hue possesses different flavors and colors. There are many kinds of sweet soup that you could not remember all their names. This is the one of the most interesting snacks releasing your hunger at night. Walking to enjoy serene life of Hue City along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street near the bank of Perfume River at night or popping in shopping places to buy souvenirs and specialties for family and friends will definitely leave memorable moments in tourists’ mind. 

Before ending the tour, do not forget to drop candle flowers on Perfume River and contemplate lines of shimmering candle flowers floating on the river. That image will never fade in your memory about attractions in Hue.

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