Buckwheat flower - The soul of the Dong Van rocky plateau

Nga Do
The buckwheat flower on the Dong Van rocky plateau has become a tourism brand of Ha Giang province in recent years. Not only bring poetic beauty to tourists, it also creates something very special in the rocky mountains, this flower is also cultivated by ethnic minority people in the Stone Plateau for long time to be used as food during the borders. Therefore, this flower is really the soul of the rocky plateau region.

Photo by Giang A Phon
Buckwheat flower (Scientific name: Fagopyrum esculentum) are cultivated by ethnic minorities in the Stone Plateau for long time to be used as food during harvesting. In addition, the flowers of the triangular circuit has a beautiful beauty that makes it attractive to domestic and international visitors (when hatched white after the switch to pink, dark pink or purple pink).

For people living in the Dong Van stone plateau, buckwheat flowers are easy to plant, just scatter seeds that can grow, do not take much care and almost no damage to pests but The income is much higher than the maize is traditional plant of the people.

In recent years, the cultivation of buckwheat flowers has brought high economic efficiency for people here when besides serving tourists for photo shoots, seeds of triangular flowers Also used to make bread and candy. In addition, the seeds of the buckwheat flower are also small and mixed with corn flour to soak into wine and the wine made from buckwheat flour has become the specialty of the Stone plateau.

In addition, buckwheat plants are also precious medicine. According to Eastern medicine Leaf and trunk of the buckwheat plant when young as a vegetable detoxification effect, heat bar. If used regularly have the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood fat, have anti-inflammatory effect against infection ...

From the economic benefits that this flower has brought, in the past years, Ha Giang province has deployed the planting of large buckwheat flowers in four districts of the high plateau including Dong Van, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Quan Ba to serve the Buckwheat Flower Festival annually and has attracted thousands of domestic and international visitors to attend. Therefore, the triangle flower has become the "trademark" of Ha Giang tourism industry and is a strong plant in the tourism development strategy on the Dong Van Plateau.

In fact, the triangular flower tree has become a "highlight" in tourism development and a strong crop bringing high income, contributing to the poverty reduction process for ethnic minority people in the Stone Highlands of Ha Giang.

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