Ha Giang - The fairy flower season

Nga Do
Every year, in October, travel enthusiasts are excited about a romantic buckwheat flower season. With wild mountains and the most beautiful things that nature offers, Ha Giang appears as a romantic fairyland in the early days of buckwheat flower season.

Ha Giang - The fairy flower season
Photo by Giang A Phon
You can join the Ha Giang itinerary from Hanoi in any season of the year, because you just have to go on the high stone road, watching the golden ripe rice terraces is enough for us to say " thank you nature "thousand times. However, if you want to see the most characteristic of this land of plateau, come here in the buckwheat flower season, you will never regret.

During the transition period, Ha Giang weather is becoming more beautiful and lyrical. The sun is not as harsh as summer, but only light enough gold to blush highland girls.

The Ha Giang rocky plateau is not only beautiful because of majestic mountain scenery, endless winding roads, terraced fields stretching over the middle of the mountain, but this place is beautiful because of the variety of flowers. And buckwheat - a flower often hatched in the northern mountain provinces with romantic beauty, wild is the "spiritual food" characteristic at the head of the country. The buckwheat flower begins from October to the end of December, although the flowers are most abundant in late October to mid-November.

The buckwheat flower are usually white. In the middle of the season, buckwheat flower eat sunlight, eat the wind so often pinkish fuzzy. Walking along the highway 4 into the village of the people, occasionally we will encounter the flower field next to the house with ancient architecture. The whole land region is dyed by flowers color. To admire the beauty is, people tell each other "Going to Ha Giang is a must to go right in the flower season ", to meet the passion of nature and harmonious life of ethnic people. The beauty of the wild and also very simple that few people come here once and forgot the love of this fairy region.

You can meet buckwheat flowers in any place: Lung Cu, Hoang Su Phi, Dong Van, Pho Bang, Quan Ba, Sung La... is the flower field, where the flower fields is small, some of the flowers grow on the rocks. Wandering on the cliffs. The buckwheat flower is still on the back of the national children here, all as a beautiful painting that anyone who admired wanted this moment to be eternal and immune to the wave of concrete invading the mountains in the North.

Come to Ha Giang in the flower season this year to personally see the beauty of it and enjoy the products made from it.

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