Natural scenery attracts visitors at Ba Be Lake

Nga Do
Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan) in August no longer butterflies flying along two sides of the road, but the natural scene is still green in the summer end.

After passing Pac Ngoi village, you will come to Ba Be lake boat wharf. From the wharf, you can zoom out to enjoy the scenery of the lake. It was not autumn yet the early clouds were still flying around the mountains.

The boats wait for guests to begin the journey to discover the beauty of the largest freshwater lake in the country. Embodied from the water, the boats carry a dark blue. At the wharf, the unique boats of Ba Be Lake queue up waiting for passengers to view the lake. However, for the safety of visitors, the boat is designed to be original and made of iron instead of traditional wood. 

The more away from the boat wharf, Ba Be Lake water as green more. With plentiful water and suitable climate, the fauna and flora of Ba Be Lake is ranked among the richest in Vietnam. You can see the branches stretching out to the lake when sailing.

After moving more than 30 minutes, visitors will come to the area of Tien pond and Tien caves. Tien pond is a small pond located on the island with green jade water color. People still say that this was the place where the fairies came to bathe after to wander about enjoying beautiful sceneries.

A floating raft floating on the surface of the pond, surrounded by rock formations with different shapes. If you are passionate about photography, the pond scene will attract you at first sight. The green color of the water mixes in the leaves, the moss and the boat float on the calm pond surface.

Ashore, do not forget to visit the roadside restaurants and enjoy local specialties. Grilled shrimps from the fresh Ba Be lake beds, are baked directly and sold to visitors to the lake. Fresh water shrimp is small but soft, sweet meat, with spicy chili sauce. Simple but unforgettable taste.

Leaving Tien pond, visitors continue to go through the beautiful island of Ba Be Lake. From time to time, You can see Lilies with deep blue color growing near the shore. Pink Lily flowers stand out on the blue bowl of heaven, water and trees forest.

As to create a harmonious look with the green scenery of Ba Be Lake, a pontoon bridge connecting the two sides is also painted dark green. The space is like a blend of green mountains.

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