This September! Where to look for ripe rice?

Nga Do
When autumn comes, the weather becomes cool, with light wind and sunlight as honey. It is also the time when the fields of ripe golden terraces cover the hills as inviting tourists.

In September, October, the northwestern mountain area was transformed into a collection of beautifully painted gowns, which made everyone look at each other once. Ignore the chaos of life to make room for the peace, quiet view of the hillside spread out overflowing with golden rice through 4 attractive northwest tourist spots that you will hardly miss this fall.

1. Mu Cang Chai - Watch the ladder to the ripe rice paradise.

This September! Where to look for ripe rice?
Photo by jihadv
Located at the height of 1000m above sea level, right under the foot of Hoang Lien Son majestic, the terraces of Mu Cang Chai as the keys of graceful heaven. Around September, October is the time of tourism Northwest rice season nine rice terraces here more beautiful than ever.

If you just stop at the photos, you will feel cynical, can only feel the sweet aftertaste of nature and people here when witnessed firsthand. 

2. Sapa, Lao Cai - Paradise terraces wonders.

Speaking of Sapa people often think of the terraced fields, layered layers bent over from one mountain range to the other never seem to stop.

This September! Where to look for ripe rice? 1
Photo by sasint
It is because of the attractive beauty, the wide, the golden color of a season of rice in harmony makes the scenery of the Northwest forest majestic more romantic and poetic.

In 2009, the Travel and Leisure magazine of the United States announced Sapa terraced fields is one of the seven terraced fields, the greatest in Asia and the world.

3. Y Ty - "Rice hunting" in the sky of clouds.

Y Ty is located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. If you like Sapa tour do not forget to visit Y Ty to visit the golden season here. Coming here around September, you will feel the majestic mountains, also the terraced fields soft winding as the waves of soft golden rice. The road is quite difficult, but for those who like to "hunt", this is the ideal northwestern tourist for the rice season.

4. Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang - "Golden Rice on plateau".

This September! Where to look for ripe rice? 3
Photo by pxhere
Located in the west of Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi is famous for its beautiful terraced fields. The road to Hoang Su Phi is not easy, you have to conquer the most spectacular pass in Vietnam.

It will not disappoint you when you admire the ripe rice fields yellow layer layer overlap. Not only "rice hunting" in Hoang Su Phi you can see the activities of people in the highlands, shopping at the market is extremely interesting. Enjoy the moment when traveling Northwest in ripe rice season.

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