Vietnamese restaurants mark Anthony Bourdain, the chef who brings Vietnamese cuisine to the world

Nga Do
Anthony Bourdain's involvement and Vietnamese cuisine began very early.

Anthony Bourdain, the world's famous culinary chef who died suddenly in France on 8.6. The initial cause of his death was suicide.

Before that, he was one of the foreigners received the affection, remember the face know the names of many Vietnamese. Anthony Bourdain's relationship and Vietnamese cuisine began very early, when he launched the No Reservations (2005-2012) and later Parts Unknown (2013- 2018).

Anthony has so much love for Vietnam that he shared with CNN Travel "The first trip to Vietnam really changed my life, maybe because everything is so new and different from what I already know, compared to the world I grew up. Food, culture, landscapes and flavors can not be separated. Vietnam as another planet, a planet with many delicious dishes, suck me in and never release "

Recalling the Vietnamese restaurants that have footprint Anthony Bourdain - the chef helps to bring Vietnamese real warmth to the world

1 - Snail noodle in Luong Ngoc Quyen, Hanoi

In the clip by CNN, broadcast in September 2016, Chef Anthony appeared at a snail noodle shop near the side of the road in Hanoi, sat in a low plastic chair, holding chopsticks like the rest of the Vietnamese people, and announced, "I officially arrived in Hanoi. "

This is the first meal of the chef in Hanoi. Receiving bowl of vermicelli from the owner, Anthony excited. American cooks say snail noodle is Vietnamese food better than any other country. At the same time praise this dish "magic" just after the first piece.

2 - Rolls cake in Ham Tu Quan, Hanoi ( Bánh Cuốn)

Unlike many eateries previously visited by Anthony, the rolls cake at the Ham Tu Quan were selected by American chefs as "the woman who ate with Anthony, Her house is right opposite the shop". However, the bread made from rice flour, meat and fungus also has "knocked down" the stomach Anthony by skilled over 15 years.

3 - Insulting noodle in Ngo Si Lien, Hanoi (Bún Chửi)

On the CNN show, chef Anthony Bourdain also mentioned the famous noodles Hanoi with this special name. Comment on how to speak, communicate with the owner, Anthony simply said: "This is the way of communication and frankness of the shopkeeper with customers."

American chefs also give compliments to the vermicelli noodle soup with a delicious soup accompanied with pork, pig legs stew and attractive basement flavor.

4 - Bun Cha in Le Van Huu, Hanoi

This is certainly one of the most distinctive restaurants in the career of Anthony Bourdain, and it takes place in Hanoi, celebrating Vietnamese cuisine.

The Bun Cha is located on Le Van Huu Street, where Hanoi is chosen to host the dinner between former President Obama and Anthony. Cold noodles served with roasted pork and sweet and sour fish sauce was very much loved by Anthony.

5 - Hue beef noodle soup at The Lunch Lady, Ho Chi Minh City

The Lunch Lady is located in a modest alley on the northern edge of District 1. This is where every afternoon, businessmen, tourists, ordinary people ... Together sit around plastic chairs without distinction.

Beef noodle soup in Hue (40.000 VND) is selected Anthony at The Lunch Lady and the meaning of the name of "The Lunch Lady" is also set by Mr. Anthony for shop owner Nguyen Thi Thanh.

6 - Hue beef noodles - Dong Ba market, Hue

Anthony Bourdain has great passion with Hue beef noodle soup. Having eaten in Ho Chi Minh City, American chefs still have to enjoy when coming to Hue. After that, the beef Bun Hue in Dong Ba market has made him say: "Bun beef Hue is the best soup in the world that I ever enjoy." This noodle soup is rich in beef and pork bone, and in the noodle bowl is often accompanied by beef, carpets, nails, banana flowers, herbs and herbs.

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