Pu Luong in ripe rice season "beautiful as paradise"

Nga Do
As the paradise of Thanh Hoa, Pu Luong not only fascinated visitors by the green or yellowish iridescent of rice, but also by the murmur of water in the forest.

Pu Luong is really an exciting destination with unique natural scenery. Pu Luong is located in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts, about 130 km northwest of Thanh Hoa. Pu Luong beauty with many wild nature, hidden in the fog as the garden hanging on high, always waiting for visitors to enjoy.

The best time to visit Pu Luong is around June and October, when rice rises on the terraced fields on the hillside, the point for Pu Luong green carpet adds richness, peaceful and romantic. In addition, visitors can come here any season of the year to relax with cool space, all year round fog covered in some highland.

Explore Pu Luong, visitors will have to cross the old, dark forest, mysterious and overcome the rugged, winding road. From these boulevards can see the high mountains with the same message, drop in the soul of the village, the unique stilt houses hidden in the midst of green forests, sink in the mountain dew, clouds sky.

Along the trails, visitors will come to the Hieu, Don, Kho Muong ... There, the serene stilt house lay close to each other, surrounded by paddy fields that do not stretch to the horizon as Mu Cang Chai, but has a humble beauty, simple.

In addition, visitors also explore the traditional cultural activities of the Thai, Muong. This has created a real value for Pu Luong.

The most popular trip to Pu Luong is to walk through the core area of the reserve, overnight camping in Don village, enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Cham stream, flowing between the valley far from Ban Cong and Ba Thuoc District.

While other mountainous areas almost no longer appear to be the water, here, the wheels are still spinning day and night, bringing water from the river to the small canals and following the bamboo water drainage system to the far lands.

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