CNN audience responds positively to Hanoi’s sights and culture

Nga Do
The US Cable News Network (CNN) has recently broadcast a special programme titled “Destination Ha Noi”, with footage of the Viet Nam capital’s sights and culture having received a positive response from many international friends.  

The 30-minute feature takes a look at some of Hanoi’s proudest traditions and the efforts to preserve them, including the Thanh Chuong Viet Palace, the Quintessence of Tonkin – an open-air spectacle, Cu Da Vermicelli Village, Shrimp Cake from Ha Noi’s West Lake, and the worship of the Mother Goddess.

British photographer Andrew Wiggin showed his excitement on the contents that CNN’s programme brings to the audience, saying that, from its food and tourist sites to its quiet street corners, Ha Noi is a dream destination for photographers such as himself.

Especially, the ‘Hau Dong’ ceremony (trance rituals) of the Mother Goddess worship in “Destination Ha Noi” attracted the attention from many foreign watchers.

Inscribed by UNESCO in 2016, as part of Viet Nam’s intangible cultural heritage, Mother Goddess worship in northern Viet Nam involves a medium channelling the various female deities in a ritual filled with music, singing, dance and costumes.

On the Facebook and Twitter networks, many applauded the beautiful and proud ‘Hau Dong’ footage.

B. Hanah from Switzerland shared that she did not consider the rituals as something of superstition as some might think and she spoke highly of the unique cultural features of the Hanoi people through the programme.

Lee Kang So from the Republic of Korea said Viet Nam’s Mother Goddess worship was really special, while highly appreciating Viet Nam’s diverse culture which is full of attractive values to foreign visitors.

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