Untouched ethnic identity at Can Cau Market

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Can Cau Market in the northwestern province of Lao Cai is one of the few of its kind that still keep traditional market activities of local ethnic minority groups.

Belongs to fair system of Lao Cai, Can Cau Market usually opens on Saturdays and traditional festivals. Market-goers are mainly Mong and Giay ethnic minorities . Located 20km from the north of Bac Ha and 9km from the Chinese border, it is a colourful, vibrant market where you will encounter minority peoples and Chinese people from across the border. 

Untouched ethnic identity at Can Cau Market
Photo by Arian Zwegers
Like Bac Ha Market, Can Cau sells a similar range of products. So if your timings only enable you to get to one, don't worry that you’re missing out — you’ll get a good experience whichever you visit. 

As you would expect, the market starts early (around 7.30 am) and closes in the early afternoon so you will want to make an early start to get the most out of the experience. Locals will implore you to drink the local corn wine with them. 

Can Cau Market is divided into many areas selling various agricultura products produced by local ethnic minorities. Products at the market are mainly agricultural products like sugarcane, bee honey, alcohol, corn, buffaloes, and brocade. Brocade products sold at the market always attract visitors' attention because of their colours.

Untouched ethnic identity at Can Cau Market 1
Photo by Truth'soutthere
Can Cau is considered the biggest buffalo market in the northwestern region when hundreds of buffaloes are brought here on each market day. However, the number of buffaloes brought to Can Cau Market has declined in recent years.

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