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Come to Hoi An (Quang Nam), in addition to sightseeing, discover a world heritage of tranquility, ancient, tranquility, tourists will be more interesting experience tours in Hoi An
Planting water coconut tour in Bay Mau forest

Participating in this eco-tour, visitors will experience the fullest in nature, indigenous culture. Here, visitors are encouraged to contribute to the conservation of water coconut , as well as the opportunity to show respect for nature and local people by action such as planting water coconut to contribute to conservation. nature preservation, environmental protection.

Standing in the middle of the cool water, directly take the tools of digging, planting coconut. At this point, visitors take a shovel to create a hole under the water and then remove the coconut tree, then use the foot to tighten the root. Then, with a bamboo stick attached to the ground and tied to the coconut trees to protect the trees.

The planting process lasts only 30 minutes, but visitors are free to experience planting trees, contribute to the conservation of coconut water to bring green, contribute to erosion and erosion of the estuary here.

This planting water coconut tour is a unique way of doing ecotourism in Hoi An. As one of the activities of the project "Sustainable use of water coconut Cam Thanh" by Center for Natural Resources and Environment Research, Hanoi National University in collaboration with Cam Thanh Commune People's Committee and the unit In the last few years, the tourism has focused on community responsibility, raising people's awareness and promoting local eco-tourism in the direction of sustainable development.

Tour "picking up trash on the river"

The story seems strange, but it is extremely meaningful action has been taking place in the ancient town of Hoi An. Spending $ 10, visitors can experience a new and exciting journey no less interesting. Launched in February of this year, this unique tour attracts many visitors and people volunteering to join the garbage on the river.

Tourists will come from Thuan Tinh wharf and then sail across the area of Hoai River. The journey from 8km from Thuan Tinh wharf to the bridge (Hoi An) will be a challenge for those unfamiliar with the river.

On the journey down the Huai River, from the Cam Thanh coconut forests in the old town, kayaking and sightseeing, tourists have just paddled the rope around the corner to find nylon bag, plastic bottle

Nguyen Van Long (director of Hoi An Kayak Tourism Company), who designed this tour, said: During the tour, he saw the romantic Hoai River flooded in rubbish. Since then he has opened this tour and started at the end of February, 1977.

This tour is not for business purpose, because the tour price is about 10USD / person (equivalent to more than 200 thousand VND). However, it is not compulsory for tourists to participate in the tour but mainly for propaganda and calling people. , visitors jointly protect the environment.

Explore the coconut forest, see shake pan

Starting from Tra Que Vegetable Village (Cam Ha Commune), tourists will begin their cycling tour to visit some relics and local scenery such as Tani Yajirobei (Japan); An My village tourist village, visit the village ...

In addition, visitors also enjoy the scenery of the countryside, watching the show off the noodles and enjoy the folk food of local people such as macaroni, tea on the plank ... or visit Dua Doan lake, watching the river Tu Vong (Cam Chau ward); visit the famous bamboo handicraft of Mr. Ten Pho; Visiting Bay Mau coconut forest (Cam Thanh commune) by boat, listening to drills.

In particular, visitors will see the performances shake the barrels very interesting. You will have a very relaxing moment when watching the boat dancing very skillful in the Bay Mau coconut forest.

In addition to the above tours, currently in Hoi An are deploying many ecotourism programs on the principle of developing environmentally friendly tourism, benefit sharing community, sustainable tourism development. Such as buffalo riding tours, farming; explore the trade village...

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