Top 5 new unique activities in Viet Nam

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The new unique activities in Viet Nam make the adventure tour to this S-shaped country full of delight and excitement. Thrill-seekers all over the world, who are seeking for the new adventures, should get the real experiences in any of the top 5 activities in remote trails below. Each of the destinations is praiseworthy, ensuring you to fulfill adventurous spirits and second-to-none refreshing journeys.

#1: Trekking at Pu Luong Nature Reserve - Thanh Hoa

Pu Luong is a charming retreat that is ideal for private relaxation and happy sightseeing. Trekking at Pu Luong Nature Reserve lets you feel true ecotourism in the off-the-beaten-track trails, associated with the fabulous landscape, “so-deep” photographs, joyful picnic, etc. In fact, Vietnam Honeymoon to Pu Luong National Reserve has been operated and sold well. After the spectacular drive through the stunning mountain-and-valley landscapes, people get to this site where offers the peaceful retreat and ideal settings for trekking all seasons.

Top 5 new unique activities in Viet Nam
Photo by nguyenvanhoa.ulis
During the trek is the panoramic sightseeing, the quiet vibe for listening to the sounds of Nature, the adventure through the concealed paths among green vegetation. The on-foot exploration will lead you the untouched village at the bottom of the mountain. It is the time to take the artistic snapshots! Continue the trek to the bottom of the picturesque valley to view the fascinating rice fields, rivers, and traditional villages. Keep walking till you find a good spot for a picnic lunch. After lunch is rejuvenating time to swim in the nearby river.

#2: Motorcycling to Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai

Mu Cang Chai is a well-known ecotourism and Nature Photography site in Yen Bai Province, being famous for heavenly terraced rice fields. This place has been attracting groups of nature lovers, photographers, and holidaymakers. Some of the guests might choose to motorcycle to get there. For motorcycling to Mu Cang Chai, from Ha Noi, you follow the Road 32 to Tu Le. Then, passing by Tu Le for 5km, you will meet a zigzag (thread-like) road leading to Lim Mong Village – a beautiful hill-tribe village to see in the area.

Top 5 new unique activities in Viet Nam 1
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It must be one of the most scenic motorbike trips that you’ve ever performed, driving through the stunning hill sceneries. When you stop by a spot, expect to interact with the friendly hill tribes who welcome you to their homeland. The stopovers also inspire numerous colorful pictures. Especially if you arrive during a harvest season (from September 15 to October 20), the terraced rice fields should be carpeted in yellow while the fragrance of the new rice grain delights you.

#3: Kayaking on Nho Que River - Ha Giang stone plateau

If you’ve ever wished to “boat on the mountain,” then enjoy kayaking on Nho Que River in the off-the-beaten-track Ha Giang Province, in the far north of Viet Nam. Besides kayaking, the discovery of Tu San Canyon – the deepest in Southeast Asia, brings the unforgettable experiences. Originated from Nghiem Son – Van Nam Mountains of China, at the height of 1500m, Nho Que flows look like the emerald thread amidst the pristine and magnificent mountainous areas. This river is ideal for the once-in-a-lifetime kayaking trip that you become a part of the breathtakingly picturesque landscape. If you have a chance to view Nho Que from an aerial dimension, it can bewitch you from the very first sight.

Top 5 new unique activities in Viet Nam 2
Photo by Quangpraha
Kayaking on this masterpiece of Nature, you look at the blue sky and upright cliffs above,which is the true relaxation. Also, the emerald water and transitional changes of each scenery past are incomparable. This new adventure in Viet Nam, “kayaking on the mountain,” does attract many foreign backpackers and youths.

#4: Charter Helicopter to Ha Long Bay

Viet Nam has the luxury helicopter to Ha Long Bay which makes the transport easier, faster, and more enjoyable than ever. Instead of 3-hour drive from Ha Noi to Ha Long, the helicopter trip shortens it to 45 minutes, including the 5-minute scenic flight over the UNESCO top-of-the-top Bay. It is the bird-eye and panoramic views that urge people to charter a helicopter to the “Bay of Descending Dragon” where is reputable for emerald sea, limestone grottoes, splendid overnight cruises, serene floating villages, etc.

Photography opportunities and birdlike experiences will turn to be your everlasting cheerful stories to tell. While you are flying above the Bay, you view its entire beauty and evaluate for yourself if Halong Bay deserves the international recognition and awards.

#5: Tu Lan Caves Expedition - Quang Binh

Tu Lan Caves system is 70km away from the well-known Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, nearby Tan Hoa minority village, past the green fields of peanut and corns. Then, you reach the river and ascent toward the jungle valley and the cave beneath. The first grotto on the horizon is Hung Ton Cave which has a dry entrance. Operated only by Oxalis, Tu Lan Caves Expedition brings unique experiences to all adventurers who want to get to the intact, beautiful cave, karst formations, waterfall, and jungle; you’re really in a distinct wild cave with the tour guide, porter team, and some other thrill-seekers, not the crowd of other tourists.

Top 5 new unique activities in Viet Nam 4
Photo by Grace Lopez
While the jungle is intact and lush, the lake is transparent, and the river caves are mysterious with breathtaking stalagmites and stalactites. There are over 10 caves to see, and in particular, climbing to reach the top Hung Ton Cave lets you view the jungle valley below which is absolutely enthralling. Also, the available ladder inside allows you to reach the floor of the grotto from which the adventure begins. 

Swimming through the cave till the exit, sleeping on hammocks under the sparkling stars, watching wild butterflies around the camp, listening to others’ songs and the sounds of the waterfall, etc., are all excitements of a lifetime to tell. But before that, you need to swim through the river caves encompassed by the limestone formations seen only by the head torch light; this is a real adventure and not for everybody. Serene and paradisiac, Tu Lan Caves have been described as an existing paradise on Earth.

Get real experiences in these 5 new things to do in Viet Nam for the journey of differences, as each brings you out of the city pressure so that you go with the happy self.

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