Times back to Sapa next, what you will do?

Nga Do
Sapa is no longer strange to travelers around the world. From the weather, the scenery to the services are always convenient to make a short or long trip. Even though there is a time to stay in Sapa, but tourists still desire to return to Sapa to experience more interesting things that it brings. From the unique homestay of the ethnic minority groups, or simply enjoy coffee watching the mountains. Yes, it can not be denied that Sapa has many beautiful corners, just you are ready to step out of the familiar handbook.

If you plan on going in May or June, it is great. The reason is because....

The first: High season of terraced fields when entering the water pouring season

In May and June, when people in the North West of Vietnam call it “the water pouring season”, the rain season comes and it is time to start the ethnic’s new cultivation annually. Additionally, it is time to appear the most breathtaking views of the panorama of Sapa town in summertime when you can contemplate the fantastic beauty of rice terraces surrounding high mountains of the town as well as in its neighborhoods like Bac Ha, Bat Xat and Si Ma Cai. It is said that rice terraces are the most beautiful when it has just started the crop at which it begins the rain season or when the whole fields are green or when they are all ripe with the silky yellow coverage. In a certain time, Sapa always looks terrific and so are its rice terraces.

Times back to Sapa next, what you will do?
Photo by Quangpraha
In May, it is time that Muong Hoa Valley is blooming with lots ofcolorful flowers in a wide range of various beauties and when the rice terraces are full of water at which you can contemplate one of the best scenery ever that the terraces are twinkle and attractive with the reflection of the sunshine on the fields’ surface. It is definitely worth visiting as you cannot find anywhere else in other place out of Sapa and its splendid Muong Hoa and of course, superb rice terraces.

The second: Pleasant weather

Times back to Sapa next, what you will do? 1
Photo by Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên
Weather, Sapa climate is probably the first thing that makes me cherish this small town and feel decided to spend a week trek Sapa is absolutely right! It can be said, regardless of the season, regardless of sunshine or rain clouds, Sapa always leave tourists Sapa tourists pleasant, comfortable. Perhaps higher than 1600m of Sapa with mountains and forests surrounding the message has created a natural area, so worth the climate.

The third: diverse culture

It can be said that the culture of ethnic groups in this place is a huge unknown. I am sure that even if you have come to Sapa many times can not understand this unique culture.

Times back to Sapa next, what you will do? 2
Photo by Bob Tubbs
Sapa cuisine is unique, of course, the culture here is extremely diverse and full of national identity. This diversity is made up of community of ethnic groups living and developing in Sapa like Tay, Nung, Dao ...

Hint: To experience the fullest of these cultural traits, you can go to Cat Cat Village or take part in the fairgrounds near this village. The culture of Sapa is gathered here, from communicative way of speaking, to cultural products, or ethnic dishes are sold and displayed very clearly. Of course, you can not forget "Sapa love market" where the couples to find a partner again!

If you have a chance to travel to Sapa and join trekking tour Sapa, you can contemplate hundreds of rice terraces which look like being built in the halfway up to the sky. It will be very amazing that you are in Muong Hoa Valley since you will catch numerous rice terraces spreading out the valley, along with Muong Hoa stream as a giant arm winding between the two splendid and superb ranges of mountain.

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