Surprised by the mesmerizing beauty of the ancient monastery in Sapa

Nga Do
French architecture of Ta Phin monastery (Sa Pa, Lao Cai) over time covered with moss color. These mysterious, ancient features make visitors come to discover more and more.

Around 15 kilometers from the town, the project that has never been completed is covered by trees and mosses. There are several Dao and Mong villages nearby. This monastery was started to construct in May 10/1942, but the construction has stopped due to the political upheaval in 1945. It became abandoned since then.

Surprised by the mesmerizing beauty of the ancient monastery in Sapa
Photo by Hoangvantoanajc
In short operating time, this monastery was used to be the practice of 12 nuns ascetic stream of church parish Kito wandering to Lao Cai of colonial Indochina.

At Ta Phin monastery, the sisters have been many contributions to the study and dissemination of farming and crop varieties temperate climate fit and soil in Sapa as vegetables, potatoes sweet and fresh fruits such as grapes, apples, peaches ... techniques.

After more than half a abandoned century, monastery of Ta Phin now put on a beauty of mystery, mystical and extraordinary absorbing. Built according to French architecture, the monastery is a 5-building, three floors mansion, including a basement under the ground - as accommodation, activities for sisters. Right side of the building is an extended space, may be it was the kitchen or storage warehouse storage of food, utensils...

The entire of this building is no longer roof section now. We could feel the imprint of time through old patchy moss walls. The high arches were intersecting to impress on the suction depth of space. The wild ancestor weeds overrun on the bedroom floor, made feeling lonely. Walls covered with red moss species that atmosphere tinged looks mysterious. Mist and fog covered the air made abandoned monastery became more mystical.

Haunting beauty of Ta Phin monastery became an attractive destination for adventurous tours.

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