Elegant beauty, magic of Y Ty in the water pouring season

Nga Do
Just like the beauty of terraced fields in Sapa, the curving lines of the terraces embrace the chambers of water glittering fields, reflecting the sun and clouds, creating the magical, magical effect of Y Ty in the summer.

Y Ty is a highland commune in Bat Xat district, more than 70 km far from the center of Lao Cai city. In winter, this place attracts tourists by the white clouds cover the mountains, creating the scene as fanciful as the realm. Entering the summer, the rain brings water to the field is also the time that Y Ty people prepare a new crop.

Elegant beauty, magic of Y Ty in the water pouring season
Photo by Quangpraha on the pixabay
Situated at an altitude of about 2,000 m, terraced fields in Y Ty stretch on slopes, mountainsides. On the pictures are the curves that create the unique pattern of the field in the Chu Lin.

When the water flooded the fields, ethnic minority people began to make be shore and prepare for the new season. The flooded fields inevitably become the playground of the children while parents worry about farming.

The water pouring season in Y Ty lasts from May to June, but there will be early or late plots of rice cultivation, creating different colors for the "field".

Water water pouring season and ripe rice (August-October) are the most two beautiful times, favorable in the year to explore the Y Ty plateau region.

On the journey to discover Y Ty, you will meet the home of the Ha Nhi people lying on the terraced fields. House made of clay, cool summer and warm winter. This is also a feature of Y Ty.

In addition to the Ha Nhi people, Y Ty is also inhabited by ethnic groups such as Mong, Dao, Giay ... Each ethnic group has its own activities, creating a special cultural picture for highland communes of Bat Xat district .

Some attractions for travelers on this journey are Phan Dai Su, Hong Ngai, Lao Chai, Sim San ... An exciting journey awaits you to explore in Vietnam.

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