Photo: Foreign tourists with hobby photography on the train in Hanoi

Nga Do
Recently, a series of cafes has sprung up on the railway line in 10 Dien Bien Phu (Hanoi), attracting many foreigners, standing right under the railroad tracks for commemorative photo and conversation.

Photo by Phong Sơn
Guests are sitting in the middle of the railway waiting for the train to pass can drink coffee or beer, soft drinks as you like. With a distance of less than 1m from the railroad track, many people waited patiently for the train to take pictures and film. Whenever the train passes, they stand up, nestled on both sides of the road and recording the moment the train passes.

Many foreign tourists carry a large camera to record the image. Many young people in Vietnam also choose where to take photos to post on social networks. Tourists are curious to discover one of the most special railway lines in Vietnam running through crowded residential areas. Every hour before the train runs through, the railway cut through Tran Phu Street appeared foreign delegations to focus on visiting. Many foreigners curiously saw the train passing through the residential area at a very close distance. 

The café near the railway between Dien Bien Phu - Tran Phu is also a very attractive place for foreigners. However, contrary to the eagerness of visitors, many are concerned that the act of violating the rail safety corridor is such a dangerous action.

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