Inside the spectacular caves in Vietnam are praised by the British newspaper

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Vietnam is famous for its caves with the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The Telegraph tourism website has introduced some beautiful caves in Quang Binh province, particularly attracting visitors from Europe.

Inside the spectacular caves in Vietnam are praised by the British newspaper
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1. Son Doong Cave: This is the largest natural cave in the world. It is located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang cave complex in Quang Binh province. With a length of 9km, a height of 200m and a width of 160m, the cave is large enough to accommodate an entire 40-storey building and Boeing 747 aircraft. The giant cave system has its own climate, with moisture and clouds forming and soaring from the inside.

The cave has two giant hollows, formed after the collapse of hundreds of years ago. They help the sun shine into the cave and create a lush green forest. Visitors can climb down to the cave by using strings and other protective gear. Son Doong Cave was built nearly 3 million years ago but was only discovered in 2009 by the Royal Caves Association of England. Oxalis Travel Company of Vietnam is the only unit that organizes tours of Son Doong.

2. Va Cave: This cave was discovered by a group of explorers from England. It is located near Phong Nha village and Ho Chi Minh road. The cave is 1.6 km long and impressive with stalactites up to 2m high. Va Cave has beautiful stone structure. Va Cave is home to white fish and white shrimp. They have adapted to the environment without light. Many bats nest in caves. Va Cave has a small valley inside and you can camp overnight there.

3. Tu Lan Cave: This underground system is over 20 km long and consists of 20 caves, of which 10 caves are now being put into tourism. The longest cave is the Ken Cave (3.7 km long), which includes a waterway and a dry walk. Guests can swim under the underground river in the cave. The area around Tu Lan Cave is also used as the backdrop for the Kong movie: Kong Skull Island.

4. Tien Cave: With a height of 100m and a width of 50m, Tien Cave is the largest cave in the system of Tu Lan cave and impresses with its beautiful natural swimming pool. Here, visitors have the opportunity to experience the feeling of flying in the cave thanks to the help of the cable system. Tien Cave is famous for its rich stone structure, wide space and multi-storey limestone. Tien cave is relatively dry in the summer while it turns into an underground river during the rainy season. The cave is home to the bat. Space cave looks like a fairyland.

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