Street food and Vietnam's culinary paradise

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Hanoi is considered one of Asia’s street food capitals and a street food paradise. The best Vietnamese dining thrill is experienced on a tiny plastic chair at a stainless-steel table. Yes, Hanoi’s street food is time-honored and legendary — that’s why when you’re there, you must try the best of this food map. Renowned chef Anthony Bourdain once wrote: “You don’t have to go looking for great food in Vietnam. Great food finds you. It’s everywhere.

Speaking of Hanoi, besides the places that go along with the years of the land of thousand years of culture, people still think of the famous culinary place of Vietnam. Hanoi cuisine is evident in the culture here: despite the mixture of traditional and modern but delicate, elegant.

Street food and Vietnam's culinary paradise
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Hanoi has hundreds of dishes to “love”, from beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup; BBQ pork with vermicelli, up to noodles with beef and boiled meat, soft grilled balls and shrimp sauce, etc. In addition, fried fish La Vong, rolling cake in Thanh Tri, sloppy, ribs are also delicious dishes that anyone to Hanoi also eager to taste. Join a cooking class in Hanoi to experience yourself the most special things in the culinary style of Hanoian.

Not only that, Hanoi is also known as “Heaven of street food”. Each season has different types of cuisine, not only attract domestic visitors but for foreign visitors, this is a paradise to discover a new cuisine.

If you would like to explore more of the local Vietnamese cuisine, discover dishs how the difference between Northern, Central and Southern cuisines varies, follow us.

Hue - Central Vietnam Cuisine 

Talking about Hue cuisine, people often use two words to describe: very spicy and very tasty. Hue dishes are spicy but extremely delicious, rich, flavorful, make you even tears (because of spicy) but still want to enjoy more.

Street food and Vietnam's culinary paradise 1
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The most famous dish in Hue is beef noodle soup with ingredients including vermicelli, beef liver, pork, simmered water from sweet bones and aromatic soup broth. One time to eat Hue beef noodle, it is difficult to be satisfied with the beef noodles elsewhere, even if the noodles are cooked by the chef 5-star hotel. If Pho Hanoi is considered Hanoi traditional food, then Hue beef noodle soup is not only Hue people, but even the visitors here have to adore such a folk specialty.

The delicacy of the capital has turned the cake into an indispensable part of Hue. In addition to salty dishes, Hue’s vegetarian dishes are also extremely delicate, delicious and outstandingly processed, worth to be enjoyed.

Hoi An - Central Vietnam Cuisine

Hoi An is not big, but Hoi An cuisine has become a trademark, always praised by visitors from all over the world. The food in Hoi An has a characteristic sweetness accompanied by spicy rather delicious, plus the elegant decoration, colorful eye-catching.

Street food and Vietnam's culinary paradise 2
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Hoi An Bread has become famous not only in the country but in many other countries in the world. The crispy breadcrumbs, the variety of bread, delectable plus the special herbal sauces that make up the charm of the dish has become a trademark in the eyes of friends in the world.

Come to Hoi An, you can not forget to enjoy other famous specialties such as Quang noodles, high floor, chicken rice – the specialties of this land. At the same time, street snacks like crackers, cauldrons, dumplings, and sweet gruel, are also delicious and worth trying.

Ho Chi Minh - Southern Vietnam Cuisine 

Street food and Vietnam's culinary paradise 3
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With the interference of many cultures of East and West, old and present, about the cuisine of Saigon, people often use special words, rich to describe. The dishes in Saigon are divided by street, by district, with all the luxury shops to the popular pavement. And to eat all the delicious dishes of Saigon, a few days trip is certainly not enough.

Saigon is a culinary paradise of culinary heaven. In this country of cuisine, anyone, from anywhere in the world can find a satisfying gastric food, be your favorite. But delicious food highlights and most notably includes rice plate with the ribs out the plate to the grill with rice, pickles, fish sauce.

Not only the visitors are pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the landscapes, but also the tourist attractions by unique local foods. Vietnam food tours will be the best choice for you in experience the Vietnamese cuisine. Contact us at:

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