Get your lips around this crispy rice paper wonder in central Vietnam

Nga Do
A trip to Vietnam’s central province of Quang Ngai is not complete without tasting cheap but appetizing rice paper grilled until crispy and topped with chopped green onions, dried beef and shrimp paste.

The central dish can be found along Tra Khuc River, which is a favorite meeting point for local residents every night thanks to its airy ambiance and value-for-money street food.

The grilled rice paper, with its unique fragrance and tempting flavor, has won the hearts of many travelers to the central province, just 150km (93 miles) south of Da Nang and a three-hour drive from the popular tourist town of Hoi An.

The focal point of the dish lies in the shrimp paste that's elaborately crafted based on secret recipes and satisfies the tastes of even the most fastidious diners.

The treat is commonly prepared on the spot to ensure temperature and taste, and best served with a bowl of shrimp paste chili sauce.

One rice paper, or banh trang, costs VND6,000 ($0.26), which appeals to budget-minded diners. The stalls also sell other street food including grilled fermented pork, grilled rice paper with quail egg pate and green onions, and grilled quail eggs, all at affordable prices.

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