New delicacies in Sapa that you should try

Nga Do
Situated near the rooftop of Vietnam, the scenic town of Sapa is a popular getaway destination that travelers can enjoy the European-like ambiance, explore the ethnic life. Sapa has long been known for many dishes such as pig keep in armpit, dried meat hanging in kitchen, barbecue grills, ... however, there are many culinary delicacies Sapa other, but now, I will introduce to you. Let's try vân noodles, porridge with corn and ribs, and pumpkin milk in your next trip to Sapa. To make sure you cover all the delicacies, here are new foods you should try on your trip to Sapa.
I and my friend tried a meal included that dishes at 02 Fansipan, Sapa Heritages - The Lights Restaurant. And till now, I still remember the good feeling when tasting their noodles, and the extremely pleased of my friend expression when he ate the porridge.

New delicacies in Sapa that you should try
Photo by Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên
Vân Noodles first. “What's cooler than eating a bowl of hot noodles with fragrant herbs in this chilly weather of Sapa?” I think so and call yourself a bowl of noodles. It doesn’t let me down. The bowl of noodles attract anyone as soon as they see it. The yellow color of noodles looks like the color of honey. The meats are tender, beautiful square cut. They are arranged in harmony with branches green coriander and red pepper slices. Pieces of noodles as melting in my mouth, radiating its warmth and exotic local spices unique which people in here called cardamom. I like how the chef make these noodles. They maybe rolled dough and cut dough by hand - by hand. So the noodles is not crushed. It's soft and chewy with a moderate degree. Its taste is not too light and not too salty, very easy to eat. The broth of noodles is very creative and delicious. It really marked in the hearts of visitors.

How about the porridge? My friend ate porridge pretty fast though it was quite hot when it was served. Even I didn't keep up to try any spoon of porridge, I still remember the satisfaction face of my friend when I asked him about it "Rice are soft, very nicely scented. Ribs are stewed with corn, that made a smell very fragrant." And it seems that the ingredients are grown by the indigenous people of this land.

We called 2 cups of pumpkin milk and drank. They say that pumpkins are growed by the ethnic minorities farmer.

They were not big, and had its characteristic taste of earth and sky. I really felt like standing between upland hill when i drunk that milk pumpkin! It has gentle sweetness. Pumpkin smell fragrant and easy to drink. We paid 120,000 dong for 2 dishes and drinks are free. Meals end when we heard music in the cultural event and decided to watch the artists performing.

Nowadays, each time to Sapa, besides the traditional dishes with the specific taste of the Northwest, you can also enjoy other new dishes. And don't forget to share this useful information with your friends and relatives for their next visit to Sapa.

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